I’m a doctor of cardiovascular medicine I started shooting in September, 2016 I’ve shot 405 patients(and their family) in total And over 10,000 pictures I asked them ‘What’s the most important thing in life to you’ ‘At which moment do you feel the happiest’ ‘What’s your most painful memory’ ‘Do you fear death’ It was one day in 2016 I was making the rounds of the wards There was an old man talking about his past Then suddenly it occurred to me that each old man is a history I wanted to excavate the treasures The first patient I shot Got in hospital because of lung cancer But he was always cheerful when I saw him He was diagnosed with kidney cancer ten years ago The operation was really successful He had already died once and each day of his rest life was a gift This is what he told me His daughter failed in the entrance examination of senior high school And got schizophrenia later He felt very sorry about that And also very guilty About two months later, he passed away And I handed over the picture to his family solemnly Everyone gave a different answer A primary school teacher said What made him the most regretful was that he was unable to write a book An old tailor from Shanghai said What made him the most regretful was that he was unable to attend his brother’s funeral in Taiwan I had an emergency patient Who had colon cancer with metastasis He had finished his wills and he was sent to hospital because of overdose Today I’m going to shot the patient’s daughter She is my 406th interviewee It’s been 3 years since my father was diagnosed with cancer He received chemotherapy for over 30 times and two major operations So he suffered a lot He also asked why there was no euthanasia in China Did you see him writing the wills No, I didn’t But I saw the scene when he had finished it There was a small stool upon which a pen and a pair of presbyopic glasses were placed When did he write it It should be the night before the emergency He might think he could leave in peace He put that piece of paper on his chest ‘Do not save me’ Everyone said they were not afraid death Lots of patients had advanced tumors Death meant relief to them I asked them ‘what’s the most important thing in life’ They answered ‘health’, ‘joy’, ‘happiness’ Nobody said ‘money’ But the reliance on or desire for money Still existed What broke my heart the most Was the 44-year-old patient with lung cancer He didn’t know what disease he had until the last moment In those three months From an alive and kicking middle-age man He became bony and left us in then end He left no words His wife was crying during the whole process of shooting Picture is just the result While communicating with me, they kept releasing their pressure And they could feel warmth A lot of people shed tears But they were grateful to me in the end I’m a doctor so I can’t flinch I would offer them a therapy decisively when they are the most vulnerable It’s possible to be warm and calm at the same time When I saw a patient before, I only saw the disease A bed number represented all After I knew their unique stories I found that everyone is so different I name my shooting project ‘People in Hospital’ You can also consider it as the stare from a doctor I hope I can show the realest living state of ordinary people With hospital as the setting That’s all