[ER Doctors] [Episode 1] Thanks. Get back here! Stop right there! Move! – What the hell?
– Stop! Give my purse back! Stop! Did you hear me? Stop! What’s wrong with him? Can you hear me? Kid! Can you hear me? Stop! – Can you hear me?
– What happened to him? – What are you doing with my phone?
– Saving a life. Hello, emergency services?
I have a male in his teens here, passed out. He fainted after running and is unresponsive. Pupil response is normal.
He’s perspiring a lot. Move, move! – Let me get your blood pressure first.
– I was first! What the hell are you doing? Come over here, I can help you out here. – What happened?
– Hello, Dr. He. Doctor, look! You’re fine, don’t scream.
The wound isn’t too big. – Why is there so much blood?
– There are a lot of blood vessels there. [Chief of ER: He Jianyi]
Even a tiny cut would result in heavy bleeding. It looks scary, but it’s fine.
Zhang Ling, come dress his wound. – What do we have?
– Patient’s unconscious. – Quick, get me to resuscitation. Hurry!
– Move, out of the way! Move! Bring the crash cart over,
start intubation! – Pull the stylet.
– Okay. Check the placement. [ER Interns’ Mentor: Liu Kai]
It’s in place. Let’s switch. – He’s in V-fib. Get the crash cart.
– Okay. Charge to 200. Charged to 200. Here. We’re ready, move. Clear! Let’s try again. Charge to 200. Charged. Clear. He’s back. Check the EKG. Heart attack. [PCI: Percutaneous Coronary Intervention]
Notify cardio. Prepare for a PCI. Only one family member, please!
Zi Qiao, come help! Coming. Careful. – Careful, she’s pregnant!
– 1, 2, 3! – Slowly!
– Thanks. Only one of you are allowed in here,
figure out who’s staying. Mom, I’ll stay. – Will you be okay?
– Yes, you can go. You can go. [ER Doctor: Hai Yang]
Order a CBC. Got it. How far along is she? How far along? Um, 32 weeks. You’re pregnant, I’ll do it.
You go register her. – Okay.
– I’ll go get the forms. – When did her stomach start hurting?
– Last night. Why did you wait so long to come here? It’s not her due date yet. I thought the pain would go away on its own. She’s feeling pain prematurely,
you’re that confident she’s okay? I’ve been pretty busy lately.
My mom’s been caring for her. All right. Move back a little so we can take a look. – Heart and lungs are clear.
– Okay, I’ll just press down on your abdomen. Amituofuo. Hai Yang. This situation’s a bit complicated.
Why don’t I call Dr. He over? Get an ultrasound done. And prepare for a CT. Tell them to rush it. – We’re not getting a CT done, no!
– Why not? Doctor, listen, my grandson is priority. Prepare the records for the patient in bed 9.
Tell Liu Kai to sub in. – Got it.
– That’s my grandson! The child can’t take it. Ma’am, what is she then, your family’s incubator? Even if she were a machine,
she’d need to be diagnosed and fixed. Dr. He. Amylase levels. – Let me tell you her situ–
– I asked her amylase levels. – I checked it.
– I didn’t ask if you checked, I asked for the results. – They haven’t come out yet.
– Dr. He, test results from Dr. Liu. – I’ll take them.
– Here. A rash on her lower legs! Did she use the restroom today? Mom, the doctor’s asking. No, she hasn’t all day. She was in too much pain and just
drank water. How could she urinate? Stiff abdomen. There’s rebound tenderness. How come I didn’t feel that? Prepare a notice of critical illness claim form.
It’s a perforated intestine. You should prepare yourselves.
She has symptoms of toxic shock syndrome. Dr. He, I’ll use this diagnosis on the form then. Get an X-ray done and prepare her for surgery. – Doctor, listen–
– Get her blood type and prep for surgery. You have to prioritize my grandson! We won’t do the CT or ultrasound,
the fetus can’t handle it! Please cooperate us during times like these. All of the tests must be
done during these times. “These times”? What times? Times of life and death. In this case, two lives. The patient has a perforated intestine
and she’s experiencing toxic shock syndrome. Her condition is critical.
You have to prepare yourselves. How could this happen?
I took proper care of her! The patient is going into shock, Doctor. Doctor, if it comes to it,
please save the child, then the mother. In our family, children are more important. Have you not heard anything we’ve said? Mother and son are in the same boat.
If it sinks, neither of them will live. What do you mean? Don’t try to scare me, I’ve given birth before! Check her blood oxygen levels,
let’s see how serious the infection is. Prep for an ultrasound. – My gosh!
– Call Obstetrics. Tell them to send a surgeon over for a joint-surgery. I’m on my way. Start a central line and give her all the fluids. – Then set up a urinary catheter.
– Will do. Fill out these forms. – What happened?
– He passed out after running. Are you his family? Come and pay his fees. I’m not his family. Where is his family then? I’ve no idea. He stole my wallet
and passed out running away. I called the ambulance that sent him here. You’re saying he robbed you,
then you sent him to the hospital? Yeah, why? – You’re an actual saint.
– I don’t care if you’re a saint, I need his fees, I’m in a rush. Fine, I’ll pay them. Everything I have was taken by his
buddies. I don’t have any money now. What then? I’ll leave this watch with you, okay? I’ll exchange it tomorrow with money. What am I supposed to do with this? What’s going on? – Are you a doctor?
– Yes. The patient fainted after running. He’s unresponsive. Push 100mg of Luminal into the muscle. – What are you staring at?
– Hurry, get him into the trauma room. Fill me in on the patient. Dr. Wu. [Secondary Head of Obstetrics: Wu Jia Li] Come here. What’s your game plan? You guys get the baby out,
we fix her intestine. The patient has a 33% chance of dying. The child only has a 40% chance of survival. We can only do our best then. – Have you discussed with her family?
– Don’t touch my grandson! It took 5 years for her to get pregnant! – Mom!
– It cost us several thousand to get her pregnant through IVF! – You can’t touch the child!
– Mom, stop it! Listen to the doctors! Besides, Shu Lan… Shu Lan, my lovely daughter-in-law,
you must keep my grandson alive! – Mom!
– You have to stay strong! I’ll do anything you want in return! Ma’am. You guys need to make a decision now. Her condition is critical.
She needs immediate surgery. She has to? Check his blood oxygen levels. You’re a doctor? Aren’t you a doctor?
Do you need me to teach you how to examine him? Send for an EKG, MRI, ultrasound. – Which hospital are you from?
– Hurry up. – “Hurry Hospital–”
– Quick! Go pay. – Why me again?
– What, am I supposed to? Okay. You should get on it. Quick. She’s telling us to “quick.” Call CT. And get the EKG! Let me borrow your phone. You don’t even own a phone? Please. Hi, it’s Sammy. I need your help. Dr. He! Can I join the surgery to watch? – Sure.
– Thanks. Come on, let’s go into the OR. Doctor, please… – Save my baby.
– Let’s not waste time, time is life. No! You have to promise me. Then you make me a promise first. Don’t give up. Stay strong. All right. Then I promise you too. Save my baby. – I’ll make sure you’re both fine.
– Thank you, thank you! All right, we’re going in now. Please wait outside. Don’t worry, relax. Hai Yang, why aren’t you in the OR yet? I’ll be there as soon as I pee first. Here you go again, every time you
go into an OR you need to pee. [Chief Nurse: Tian Liang]
Why are you never like this at the operating table? You wouldn’t believe it,
but once I’m at the table I’m fine. Do you know what my mentor
just said to the patient’s family? He said he’d make sure both
she and her baby would be fine. It’d be an amazing job
if he really saves both of them. A motherless child or a childless mother…
both are tragic. Well, yes, that is true… and my mentor is brilliant,
but isn’t he too full of it? He has you too, Genius Mr. Hai. I like the sound of that. – Anesthesia.
– Roger that, patient is going under. 10 ml of propofol through the central line. Push 5 ml of remifentanil. Let me remind everyone that we have
to get the infant out within 5 minutes. Otherwise, his life will be in danger. Alright, patient is under. You can begin. Operation starting at 10:28. Okay, let’s begin. How’s her blood pressure?
I’m about to extract the infant. – BP is steady.
– Okay. Bleeding stopped. Prepare to close the uterus. The baby has stopped breathing. Start resuscitation. – Send him to NICU.
– Copy. Okay, we’re done here. Dr. He, she’s yours. Xiaoqi! What’s going on? You’re not ill, are you? I came upon a patient
and sent him here. Where’s your money? The patient stole it. – What else did you lose?
– My bike, my phone, my wallet, all gone. Why would you pay his fees then? My mom wants you to come
home for dinner this weekend. I’ll be there. – I’ll be waiting for you.
– See you later. Dr. He, her BP’s dropping.
We need to finish this surgery. Her perforation lasted too long,
the whole area is infected. I’ll try my best. Keep her steady a little longer. BP’s back up. 90/60. Check for bleeding,
get ready to close the abdomen. Yes. Towel. Dr. He, we did it. Only if we can keep her infection-free in post-op. Don’t celebrate too early. Close her properly. Stitch her properly, don’t be careless. Yes, teacher. – Doctor, how is she?
– The operation has been successful thus far. The child is doing well. We’ll need to observe the
patient after her surgery. Thank goodness, how can we thank you? – How can we thank you, Doctor?
– No need to thank me. Thank Shu Lan. She’s an excellent mother. Mom, the surgery was a success! How’s the patient? [Diabetic ketoacidosis]
DKA? He’s quite young for diabetes. Type One, too. What is he going to do? I heard the nurses say you’re a saint. You’re helping him even though he robbed you? I’m a doctor. You’d do the same, wouldn’t you? That’s true. What do you plan on doing next then? He’s going to have to stay here. Does he have family? How is he going to pay? Are you going to keep being a saint? I paid for the ambulance
and the preliminary exams. You guys can handle the rest. Get his blood sugar checked again.
Call me if anything happens. – You can’t just leave!
– Your hospital won’t abandon him, right? This is your duty. Don’t touch me! It’s my work, but… At least tell me your name
or give me some contact info. I should at least contact you once he wakes. You don’t need to contact me.
I’ve done my job. The only thing left to do is contact
his family after he wakes, okay? – What’s your name?
– Catch you later. Catch you later… How’d this happen? – A machine did it.
– What’s going on? – Try to bear the pain.
– Doctor. He was squashed by a machine. Take a look. I’ve already done preliminary examinations. Stay strong. Here, let me have a look. Do you feel this? What about here? This side. Prep him for surgery. We may have to do a partial amputation. – Amputation?
– Yes. How… How will I live afterwards? Doctor, no. I can’t amputate. I’m the only one who can work
to earn money in the family. I have three kids. If I lose my arm, they’ll starve! It’s not ideal for us either,
but your injury is serious, so we must. Wait. Have you communicated with the patient? Is there really no other
treatment method for him? He’s the money-earner in his family.
How will he work without his arm? Who’re you, the patient’s family? Commanding us around… It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is I believe his hand can be saved. You know medicine? Then look for yourself. His bones are completely smashed. We’d have to reconstruct
the bone, veins, and nerves. Even if we save the arm,
how long would the recovery be? Are we supposed to bankrupt him? And if the arm decays anyways,
it will have to be amputated regardless. Of course his hand is important but in this situation,
he’ll die without amputating. Doctors should aim
for every last shred of hope. Even if an amputation is inevitable in the end shouldn’t you at least tell him
so he can decide for himself? My diagnosis requires amputation. You choose. Tell me after you’ve decided. Stay strong. What’s going on with you? I heard my mentor got lectured by some lady. I heard the same. Who was she? Who knows? I heard she’s a doctor too. – From which hospital?
– No clue. – Hey, Liu Kai!
– What? Who is she? Who? That… that manual laborer today– the one that broke his hand. I heard you were there, and this lady came along. She gave my mentor a lecture. – Who was she?
– I’m not too sure either but I heard the patient
she came in with was a thief who passed out while stealing from her,
and so she brought him here. A good doctor, then. Good doctor, my ass.
It’s just ’cause I wasn’t there. If I were there, I’d have crushed her. Right, sure. You, crushing someone even Dr. He couldn’t? If he’s so brilliant, why isn’t he our head? Because our department has another genius. Dr. Liu, did you hear?
Dr. He got schooled by a lady today. Yeah, I did. When I used to lecture him,
he’d complain that I just wanted to argue. Now, at least, someone gave
him a piece of their mind. Dr. Liu, I took a look at that patient. To be honest, I think Dr. He was right. Go on. First, the patient’s hand was seriously crushed. It’s true that there are two possibilities:
amputation or reattaching, reattaching the limb comes with huge risk. If the procedure isn’t successful,
amputation is inevitable anyways. And for the patient,
he would’ve wasted his time and money. But it’s a hand! He’d be lost without his hand.
He’s a manual laborer. – His whole family depends on him.
– Yeah, I get your point. Dr. He understands that too. But think about it. Even if his hand is successfully reattached,
the recovery period is long. And none of us can guarantee his nerves can recover. I don’t think the cost of the duration of
this treatment is affordable for the patient. Dr. Liu is determined to be our department head. But too bad, my mentor is in front of her in line. Hello? Okay, got it. I’ll be right there. Dr. Liu, we have a critical patient. – Doctor, where’s the doctor?
– Don’t worry, I’ve called her. – Hurry, doctor!
– The patient? It’s a submandibular space infection. – Breathing suddenly became difficult.
– Crash cart. Start intubation. – Please give us some space.
– You must save him! Don’t worry, we will. Push 1 of midazolam. Doctor, the laryngoscope. Pushing 1 of midazolam. Dr. Liu, his blood oxygen levels are going down. I can’t get a visual. His airways are swelling shut.
Prep for a tracheotomy. The midazolam is in. Masks. Ready. Patient’s in v-fib! – Crash cart!
– Got it. First shock, charge to 200. Paddles charged. Clear! Push 1 of epi. Copy. 1 of epi. Try again. Second try, charge to 200. Ready. Clear! He’s back. That scared me. I thought we were about to call time of death. Good work, Sun Meng. You did a great job bringing him back. Tell his family he’s being transferred to EICU. Okay. Dr. Liu. I love hanging around you. When I’m with you,
I don’t freak out and my hands are steady. Just now, if we had recorded that,
it could be used as an educational video. Sun Meng was very cooperative as well. It was still all you. We were your interns.
We’re brilliant because of you. How come you were never
so sweet when you were an intern? Dr. Liu, I overheard something,
it’s all over the department. You think I’m unaware? Dr. He’s about to be department head. Really, I should lecture you. The time you spend gossiping
should be spent on your job. Look at Sun Meng,
she never wastes her time on this stuff. Dr. He, I’ve been looking for you. I have a patient, a teenage boy. What is it? Spit it out. He was brought in by the lady that fought with you. Have you notified his family? I don’t think he has any. He’s awake, but he’s not talking. – It’s like he’s mute.
– Take me to him. Okay. – Qiao Na, do me a favor.
– Let me get that for you. Give the fevered patient in number 6 a chest CT. Me? – You can’t?
– Um, sure. I’ll report back when it’s done. Just don’t let Dr. Liu find out. You’re that terrified of Dr. Liu? – Dr. Liu.
– D– Dr. Liu. – Where are you headed?
– Dr. He. Don’t go around using my people whenever you want. It’s inappropriate. Your people, my people…
we’re all the ER’s people. – Don’t twist my words, okay?
– What am I twisting? We’re all ER doctors,
and all the patients here are ours. You’re not department head yet. Take care of your own people,
don’t boss others around. I will be in a few days! Alright, I’m going to examine you. Does this hurt? Test results. What’s your name? Where is your family? Can you tell me how to contact your family? I already asked those questions. He’s not hard of hearing, is he? – Did you say he’s a thief?
– Yeah, Lin Wen told me. Send him to the police. Okay, child, let’s stop faking. You aren’t deaf. Hurry and tell me how
to contact your family. You’re very sick. You need to be hospitalized. I don’t have family. And I don’t have money for treatment. Let’s take him in first. What about the hospitalization deposit? I’ll go talk to them. We had to lie to you to get you to tell the truth. I’m going to go do your paperwork. Dr. Qiao. If you don’t want to follow me, you can just tell me. Dr. Liu, what do you mean? I’ve been with you since
I joined the department. I always thought of you as an elder sister. Elder sister, huh? You went to suck up to him
the second you heard about his promotion. I didn’t! Who did I suck up to? Qiao Na, Dr. He hasn’t been named our head yet. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Dr. Liu, you’re mistaken! I didn’t! Dr. He told me to help him.
He’s an attending and I’m just a resident! How could I have refused him? I didn’t want to go either! I was afraid you’d get the wrong idea. Okay, I understand. You really were in a difficult position. Dr. He… never mind. Forget it. Dr. Liu. It was my fault today.
I’ll be careful next time. If this happens again I won’t help. That’s unnecessary. Maybe in a few days,
he’ll really be our department head. Who could refuse his orders then? All right, wipe your face.
Come to triage with me. Can you hand me number 15’s file? – I’m handing number 5 to you tonight.
– Okay. – Take care of them.
– Don’t worry. – Dr. Liu, I’m off.
– Okay, see you tomorrow. Bye bye! – I’m off!
– Good work. – Bye!
– See you. – I’m leaving!
– Great work today! Excuse me. You must be a patient’s relative.
Can I help you? If not, do you mind letting me through? You obstructing a path here affects
our ability to do our jobs. Please move. You’re preventing us from doing our jobs! You say I’m in the way. Well, you’re in my way! Put the knife down! Put the knife down! What’s going on? Put the knife down! Nobody move! Put the knife down! Calm down. Put the knife down.
Talk to me. I’m the boss. Put the knife down. Put down the knife first. Is this 110 (Chinese 911)? You’re… really the boss? Of course. – You’re not lying?
– He really is. You hear that? Boss… That’s who I want to see. That’s right, sir. Put the knife down. Give me the knife. Why should I? What are you doing in a hospital with a knife? – I… I asked you first.
– Well I asked you too. My girlfriend died. How? You guys killed her! What was she here for? She wasn’t sick. How did we kill her if she wasn’t ill? None of you were okay with our relationship. I see now. You were dating, but none of them approved. Put the knife down. I’ll take you to find those people. We’ll lecture them! I’m the boss. What I say counts. – You’re saying they’re wrong?
– Of course they are! Here, hand me the knife. Or drop it on the floor. Drop it!
I’ll take you to them. We’ll talk with them. Listen to me. Drop the knife. Don’t move! – Don’t move!
– Put the knife down! Don’t shoot! – Don’t shoot!
– Dr. He, help! Don’t shoot, he’s mentally ill. He’s an armed suspect right now. Stay out of it and leave it to us. – Give me some time!
– Move! – Dr. He, help!
– Wait a second! – I’ll get him to put the weapon down!
– Move away! You see? The cops are here. If you don’t listen to me, I’ll leave you to them. My girlfriend died horribly. Would you believe me if I told you she isn’t dead? – She isn’t dead?
– No. – Where is she?
– Give me the knife and I’ll tell you. Don’t move. She’s in her room. Hand me the knife. Hand it to me and I’ll take you to her. Slowly. Hand me the knife. Hand me the knife! Sun Meng!