Careful, Tom! You’re dizzy, you need some help!
Noo, just kidding… This won’t hurt. Better? Hey Tom don’t eat so fast! See, now you’ve got the hiccups! Let’s get this right… See, no more hiccups. Ugh, you’re hungry again? Don’t eat so much Tom or you’re gonna
get… That’s Not good, Tom. What will Angela say? There’s only one way to fix this quickly… Look away! See, no more fire! You can now go visit Angela. Oh, no, what happened? We can work this out. Hold on! Good as new! It must be cold up there. Look at you! Here. A spoon of honey should help. Now get take some rest and feel better! Do you like how Tom’s booboos are treated? Download now and play doctor with My Talking
Tom 2!