Hey, Ashley Gammon here from team MUTU,
today I want to share with you guys our free downloadable 10 Things Your Doctor
Didn’t Tell You, so I hear it over and over again from the women and the
moms that I work with and personal experience as well after having three
children, I think we often go to that six-week appointment after we’ve had our
child, whether it be with our midwife or our doctor OB whoever delivered your
baby and we’re kind of just checking off the blocks and we’re told that we can go
back to normal activity and those things usually tend to include you can go back
to having sex and exercise again, so what we want to do is shed a lot more
light on this very, very important time and motherhood and womanhood, you guys
deserve to have bodies that work right and feel good so please do yourself a
favor, download that the ten things the doctor didn’t tell you and dig a little
bit deeper into what we should really be talking about and focusing on after we
have those babies. As always if you guys have any questions feel free to reach
out to us and don’t forget to click on the link below to download the ten
things your doctor didn’t tell you have a good day guys.