(relaxing music)>>I’ve been active member
of Johns Hopkins Medicine since last one and a half years. My role as a consultant
neurologist is to diagnoze and treat the patients who
are admitted to the hospital with neurological complaints like stroke, seizures,
multiple sclerosis, dementia and a host of other neurological diseases affecting the brain,
spinal cord and nerves. Being a resident of Howard
County since last fifteen years I consider it as my duty
to serve this community. This community is a mix of
various different patients from different backgrounds and cultures. Howard County General Hospital
and Johns Hopkins Medicine has been very supportive in encouraging individual physicians like me where the care can be occasionally be challenging
with the different backgrounds of the patient population. Clinical medicine practice
requires extra dedication, hard work and sympathy or empathy
towards the patients and their families. Listening to the simple
concerns expressed by patient makes a whole lot of
difference in making decisions in the treatment and
various other modalities of management of a patient. And that changes your clinical outcome. (relaxing music)