[MUSIC] So I’ve been at Sibley now for
more than 25 years. Served in many capacities there, but
was really involved in patient care throughout that time
as a general surgeon. Part of a group of Foxhall
surgical associates. And we’ve accomplished the great
deal of surgical care over that time. But I also served as a Vice
President for medical affairs for more than five years, and before that, the Vice President,
President of medical staff. While I’m most proud of the patient
care that I and my practice have been able to accomplish,
we’ve had a great reputation for in-patient care, and
providing individualized care. I have a lot of very faithful
patients who continue to come and see me 20, 25, 30 years after
their original surgery. And that’s very rewarding. I spent a long time teaching
during my early career,,and one of the things that I
always felt was important for physicians to understand is
that they should be treating every patient as if they were
members of their own family. I think that’s the basic
bottom line in patient care. Our practice here together has been
a large part of my success because without my partners and associates I could really have not
done the things that I’ve done. Having people that you trust to
work with you, and cover for you and take care of your patients
that you’ve already taken care of is really a huge safety net. And also a reassurance that
you’re doing the right thing for the patients. [MUSIC]