(piano music) So what do I think are the characteristics of a great physician? I guess I would answer that question by stating what I would
want in a physician taking care of me or one of my loved ones. I would want them to be skilled, I’d want them to be accomplished, I’d want them to be
confident and resourceful, but respect the limits and recognize limitations. I’d want them to be
dedicated to their patients. What I’m most proud of in my work is the individual patients and the outcomes that we have. We work in teams. I am probably one of the
most needy individuals in the hospital. I can’t do anything on my own. We have operating room teams
and emergency room teams and critical care teams. And there’s very little I
can claim as to being my own. The advice that I would
give to other physicians is to recognize the
opportunity that we have and the obligation that
we have to our patients and give it our best every time. (pleasant music)