A boy ate only potato chips and French fries
for 10 years. He was unable to tolerate the textures of
other foods. Chips and fries lack vitamin B12. Your body doesn’t make B12. The vitamin is essential for the formation
of myelin sheath, which covers your nerve cells and helps conduct signals from your
brain. Because his B12 levels were low for so long,
his myelin broke down, it affected the nerves of his eyes, and he went blind. A Grandma Ate Cookie dough every week for
lunch. She suffered bouts of illness that looked
like food poisoning. She had kidney damage and E coli in her blood,
from the raw eggs in her cookie dough. In the hospital, her leg shattered after she
stood up from bed. E coli was found in that wound too. At 78 years old, she tested positive for human
immunodeficiency for the first time. She was diagnosed acquired immunodeficiency
syndrome. A student ate gas station sushi for breakfast. He was known to garbage pick his food because
he wanted to save money to pay off his loans. After having abdominal pain, his appendix
was removed on suspicion of appendicitis. But he didn’t have appendicitis. A couple weeks later, parts of his bowel were
surgically resected and found to have Anisakis simplex, a nematode parasite found in uncooked
fish. He returned to garbage picking his food until