Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today
I’m going to show you my 5 favorite treatments for plantar fasciitis. so
let’s get started. So the first treatment is a plantar
fascia massage or tissue mobilization. some people call it massage, in therapy you call actually a mobilization. the plantar fascia underneath comes down
the bottom of the foot and fans out, so when you have that fasciitis, all that
fascia is irritated and inflamed, and if you run your thumbs on the bottom of
your foot when you have plantar fasciitis, a lot of times you can feel
bumps. you can feel scar tissue, adhesions all in there. so for a
mobilization of the tissue, you really want to just get down in there. I usually
take my thumbs first and just run down the middle of the foot just to kind of
start getting that tissue warmed up, and then you can kind of go along the sides.
the important part is start off a little light because you’re probably gonna be
pretty tender in there if you’ve got that inflammation. and then just kind of
start fanning out and getting a little bit deeper into the tissue. so what you
want to do is where you feel a lot of those bumps or knots on the fibers,
really just push deep down in there and as you go, like I said, I like kind of
start to fan out and get all that fascia underneath. a lot of times people have it
in their arch here, so you can really kind of focus down in that arch up on
the the ball of your foot, and then a lot of times down in your heel as well, so
really just working out that tissue. working on that fascia just to get those
adhesions worked out. so spend probably about at least two or three minutes on
it really really just stretching everything out, getting those muscle
fibers nice and loosened up and warmed up so when you go into stretches it’ll
be ready to get nice and stretched out. treatment number two is going to be a
planar fascia stretch. the best way to do this I think is on a step it doesn’t
have to be a step like this, it can be just a step with a railing because if
you don’t have great balance, make sure you have something to hold on to.
so step up onto the step, and put the ball of your foot right on the edge of
the step. then drop your heel down. you should feel a stretch in your calf area
and under that plantar fascia area as well. some people ask me should I do it
without my shoes? should I do it with my shoes? you can do it with your shoes on,
you’ll have a little more grip, but you probably won’t get quite as much of a
stretch in that fascia area, so I like to do it without shoes on, but you can do
it either way just make sure you’re safe and steady so you got something to hold
on to if you need to. so this is a full stretch you want to hold the stretch for
30 seconds, then take a little break and do that a total of three times. so follow
the foot right on the edge, and then just drop it down. number three having a good
pair of shoe insoles. good morning neighbor. so luckily timing was perfect
because I am training for a 5k race and the folks at Wiivv sent me a pair of
custom orthotics. and you say well how do you get some custom orthotics online,
this is the cool part. so what Wiivv does is they have this app that you put on your
phone, and you take some pictures of your foot and your arch, and they have this
data computer data that takes the images and figures out how your arch is and how
long your foot is and they make you a custom orthotic. I was a little bit
skeptical because custom orthotics even when you go in somewhere to like an
orthotist and get it, sometimes you’re paying hundreds of dollars and they’re
still not that great. well this is a fraction of the price and it is one of
the best insoles I’ve ever used. also make sure when you have any custom
orthotic insole insert that you just started using, just start off using it
for about thirty minutes maybe an hour a day and slowly build up your time. if you
just put the inserts in and you wear them all day long, you’re gonna end up
having a lot of pain because the arch is gonna have to get used to being in its
new position, so make sure you start off slow, don’t just wear them all day long
or you’re going to end up being pretty sore. and it’s also really nice because
since their custom, if you wear them there’s a 30-day
money-back guarantee, so if you end up just they don’t feel quite right, send
them back and then they’ll give you a refund. if you are interested in getting
a pair, make sure and click on the link up here. but having some custom orthotics
inserts insoles whatever you want to call them, or just a good pair of insoles
for your shoes it’s really gonna help if you have that plantar fascial pain
because it’s just going to help support that fascia, so it’s not getting pressure
on it all the time. so treatment number four is going to be arch strengthening.
so when your arch is weak, sometimes it falls down and that can cause plantar
fasciitis as well, so strengthening that arch is really important. so this one is
a little bit difficult for some people but what you want to try and do is keep
your heel down and your toes down and just bring your arch up into a “C.” so
it’s a little hard for me too, but this is basically what you want to do, you want
to kind of pull up, see how making a little C with that arch, and then come
back down so really just trying to work those muscles on the bottom of the foot
to get that arch a little bit stronger. so since sometimes this tends to make
people’s feet cramp a little bit, don’t hold it so long that they cramp, just do
a little 3 to 5 second hold and just start off with about 10 of those. if the
next day you don’t have any soreness, you can do two sets of ten, two sets of
fifteen, work your way up to doing 20 to 25. so the last treatment is going to be
a roll out with a water bottle. so this is really nice sometimes first thing you
get up in the morning, and that’s when people feel that plantar fasciitis the
most because they’ve been sleeping and it’s been staying in one position and
not stretched out, so rolling your arch out with a water bottle it’s really
great because it gets that nice cooling effect and it rolls everything out and
stretches it up as well. so you can do it in the morning or you can do it after
you’ve done some treatment with it, and a lot of people ask me well how do I get a
frozen water bottle without getting up on my feet if I’m in bed, so I have an
answer for that. just use a little cool bag or a cooler at your house and then you can leave it in your room overnight and
have a little frozen water bottle in it. so if it’s frozen it’ll stay pretty
frozen overnight and then you don’t even have to get up to get anything you just
pull it right next to your bed, pull it out and then just lie it flat and then
you’re just gonna roll your foot over it. so again like I said this feels really
really good. it just cools off that arch if you’ve got that inflammation in there
it helps calm it down, and then also by rolling on it helps stretch out that
fascia. so if you’re getting up first thing in the morning and you can do this
just for a minute or two before you get up that’s really going to help prevent
some of that pain when you first get out of bed, and then like I said after you do
your treatments I also like doing it because icing afterwards after you’ve
gotten everything warmed up and working is a very nice thing as well, and it
should feel really really good. so there you have it, those are my top 5 favorite
treatments for plantar fasciitis. if you’d like to purchase the Wiivvs, make
sure you click the link up here, and if you’d like to subscribe make sure and
click down here. and remember be safe (work it out), have fun, and I hope you feel
better soon.