I’ve just finished my first week of my hospital placement and yeah.. sorry. 5 things I never want to forget when I’m a full doctor! Number 1 I never want to forget how important it is especially in the outpatients’ to shake the patient’s hand when they come in and also shake their hand when they leave. Number 2 I always want to have a good relationship to my “crew members” I want to get along well with the fellow doctors, with the nursing staff, the surgical assistants. Because now every day I’m seeing HOW important that is, it just makes the whole atmosphere so much nicer, and obviously that’s good for the patient as well then. Number 3 I want to look after the students and interns as much as my future working hours and -tasks will allow me to. Because these people are the future and no one is helped with NOT showing them stuff and letting them learn. Number 4 I also don’t want to forget myself though, I want to at least try to drink enough on a shift and keep my blood sugar at a reasonable level so that I can do my work well. I want to be physically and mentally fit enough to do my work perfectly. And last but not least Number 5 I never want to forget why I chose this profession and how privileged I am to be able to pursue my dreams and become a medical doctor. That was 5 things I never want to forget when I’m a full doctor, very spontaneous video but I hope you enjoyed it! Have a nice start into the new week! byeee Bye Brits xx