– This afternoon we’re going to draw
people doing different jobs, and the first job we’re going to draw is a firefighter. – Ever think in your head what a
firefighter looks to you? – What’s your firefighter called? – Mine is called Firefighter Gary. – Firefighter Stan.
– Firefighter Simon. – He’s big and strong. – He’s got a big helmet on him. – That’s brilliant, isn’t it? – Next, we’re going to draw a surgeon. – Have you thought of a name
for your surgeon? – Jim Bob.
– Jim Bob. – He’s a brain surgeon. – I think he would wear a stethoscope. – He gives you medicine. – That’s his ambulance. – Okay. Next, we’re going to draw
a fighter pilot. – This is his jet plane. – He rescues people. – He likes to do stunts in the air
and stuff. – Okay, now who would like to meet these
people for real? – Yeah. ♪ [music] ♪ [gasps] – Fake.
– They’re dressed up. – My name’s [Tamsin] and I’m a surgeon
in the NHS. – My name’s [Lauren] and I’m a pilot in
the Royal Air Force. – My name’s [Lacey]. I’m a firefighter in
The London Fire Brigade. – So who wants to know how to do an
operation? – [Inaudible]. – Who wants to try my stethoscope? – You put this in here. There you go.
Now you’re a proper fighter pilot. – So put into your ears.
Can you hear that? – Yeah.
– It’s really good. – [Inaudible] hear it.
– Yeah, [inaudible]. ♪ [music] ♪