Elon, please keep on watching. We won’t get to Mars without digital health. Elon, I’m a
fan who admires your work and gets inspired by your visions. I know that your most important objective
is to make humanity a multi-planetary species. We have all seen what SpaceX can do and your
Tesla in space. But one thing is always missing: digital health. You never talk about how we bring healthy
people to Mars, how we keep them healthy there or on their way back to Earth. Elon, I’m sure you and your team know we
would have to deal with it, but as we see no proof of it neither in peer-reviewed papers
nor your communication, I must speak up. Astronauts need to become the point of care. 1) They cannot bring every medical resource
with them. They need small and smart devices
2) When they are far away from specialists back on Earth and face a communication delay
of 20-30 minutes, it is going to be crucial for them to get diagnostics and treatment
wherever they are. 3) Astronauts have to keep up with their schedule
and extremely healthy lifestyle for years. Digital technologies are important resources
for that. 4) Virtual reality could reduce pain and anxiety
without the need for painkillers. 3D printing helps produce medical equipment,
drugs or biomaterials. Health sensors could provide them with their
own health data and monitor vital signs. Artificial Narrow Intelligence could support
medical decision-making. We need to include digital health technologies
in space missions if we want to become a multiplanetary species. Elon, I ask you, please, address this publicly
or convince your team that digital health is our only chance to bring healthy people
to the red planet. I hope you get my message and I thank you
for what you do!