They’ve dedicated their lives to caring for
us. But they’re also our neighbors, avid travelers,
sons and daughters, father and mothers. This is their story, “Faces of Care”. My name is Alana Fiorentino and I am a registered
dietitian/nutritionist and a certified diabetes educator. So I became a dietitian because I grew up
with a family in the Italian restaurant business and so I always had a passion for food and
eating and i really wanted to focus on healthy eating and how food can affect your health. So I started studying nutrition, then I wanted
to specialize, and diabetes is huge today. So many people have diabetes. So i thought it would be a really really good
place to focus, and there’s such a huge diet component that I thought I could make a really
big difference. I think a lot of patients assume that dietitians
are kind of like the food police. And I don’t like to think of myself as that. I do indulge, I do enjoy myself, it’s really
all about moderation. And I try to practice what I preach. I’m a very avid cook, I cook a lot at home
and patients always ask me about that and I do cook healthy but I also take into account
my culture, which is you know, I’m Italian, and I grew up in the Italian restaurant business
so it’s really sort of my job to take those recipes I grew up with and alter them so that
they are a little bit healthier. And then in addition to that, I’m also a runner. I run regularly a few times a week. I’ve done two marathons. And I’ve done quite a few half marathons. I have plans to do more in the future. But in general I think just managing your
diet and your lifestyle in terms of your exercise habits can be helpful for preventing really
a number of medical conditions. So it’s more than just handing them a piece
of paper that says eat fruits and vegetables. We really get to know the patients really
really well and that makes it easier for them to feel comfortable around us and for us to
come up with a plan that really works for them.