They’ve dedicated their lives to caring
for us, but they’re also our neighbors, avid travelers, sons and daughters,
fathers and mothers. This is their story, “Beyond the Care”. My name is Stephen Haug, I am an ophthalmologist. That’s a physician who went to medical
school and specializes in eyes and eye surgery. My goal is to improve people’s
quality of life or maintain their quality of life and particularly through
their eye health but also the general health. One reason I was interested in
ophthalmology is that although I can be an expert in my field, it touches on all
of Medicine. There are so many diseases that affect the eyes and the eyes are
not only windows to the soul but also the window to the health of the patient.
I may be the first person to discover that someone has diabetes or other
medical conditions. Well just as I promote health for other people I
promote my own health as well I do try to practice what I preach.
I exercise, spin class it’s a lot of fun. Actually I’ve been going to the same
spin class for that had same instructor for 15 years so we’re great friends. Yeah
you can you can push yourself hard but if you get an instructor up there, you
know the great music and a great personality can push you that much
harder. And we sometimes do charity events where you pay to spin for a charity. and you get exercise
at the same time. I like to eat, I try to eat well and the natural
offshoot of that is that I like to cook. So I cook all kinds of fun and healthy
things. My favorite food usually something what I haven’t had lately, if I
haven’t had something for a while then I get a real hankering for it. But veal
piccata is amazing but there’s nothing like a nice simple grilled fish. I didn’t
always do ophthalmology, I actually did family medicine for years when I was
in the Public Health Service and so I have a real appreciation for a general
medicine in medical care and I I think that it gives me a nice background in
helping those people to maintain their and improve their health not just
through their eyes.