(light music) I’m Janet Gargiulo and I graduated from Albany Medical College with the class of 1979. In 1982, I came back to Albany Medical College and I did my fellowship in hematology and oncology. I finished in 1984 and then I joined a practice here in Albany. I spent until 2012 in the practice of hematology and oncology, especially with an interest in breast cancer and genetics. (light music) Medical school was a second career for me. I was a chemistry teacher first. I was very motivated by the physicians and teachers at Albany Med. They always encouraged me. There were a lot of professors I would say that really were excellent. Some of my favorites, I loved Dean Bondurant Dean Friedlander, Dr. Robin Tassinari. Probably one of the hardest things for me, Dr. Mark Degnan was a pediatrician. And he developed melanoma in our senior year and it was very aggressive. And he died the week before our graduation. So that was a really difficult thing because he was like the personification of everything that a good doctor should be. (light music) I would tell a first year medical student to study hard, but not make that your entire life. I would encourage them to really be active in the service program at Albany Medical College because I think that service is an important part of what we do. And I think it’s great that Albany Med has service learning. (light music) We learned, I felt, that it was very important to listen to patients. And I always felt that that added value to my career all the way through. I think the important lessons that I learned at Albany Medical College was to balance study and work and to learn to interact with other people, learn the value of relationships and respecting people. The medical college really prepared me for the future that I wanted. (light music)