Look, we learn all this stuff about the health
of others But what about your own health? 1 in 5 people may experience mental illness at some point in their lifetime But 5 in 5 of us have mental health And its important to know that, and to take care of it Especially during the stressful exam season And it’s not just students that have mental health We have it too And we should all be doing things to take care of it You wash your hands to prevent viral illness, don’t you? So dance! And make some music Watch Netflix Knit Make some noise Take a power nap Bike Run Climb Do what’s right for you Sharpen the saw And if you do need help Know that there are always people Support services And helplines Use them But also Talk to a friend And be a friend. Help reduce the stress Reach out Because after all, we all have mental health We are the 5 in 5 Good luck with your finals And take care of yourself With love, from APSA