I’m Roscoe Langley and I’m one of these
guys that just don’t go to the doctor I came to AR Care well I’m I’m gonna
get them to refer me to a hearing aid doctor while we were here
Melissa insisted on getting a blood sample She referred me to Searcy for a hearing aide
doctor and then she got the blood test back called me in here and and they
talked to me prostate cancer but then he said it was in the kidney one of my left
kidney and I said okay you know what we what do we do now and she said well
we’ll hook you up with a doctor and they did well actually if you stop and think
about it and I didn’t until the doctor went through it with me he said if you
hadn’t had the hearing problems and then come up with a prostate problem
we’d have never known about the kidney you know they say start having your
prostate checked at 50. Don’t wait that long. I’ve been here. I’ve been to Agusta. Heber
Springs I mean they just Texas they do everything they can do for you