Hello Welcome I will be looking after you today I am Dr Glow, nice to meet you If I have understood correctly this is just A standard check-up, is that right? Okay So nothing wrong? Nothing at all? Not even a sore throat or something similar? Okay, that’s good We’re going to check everything, okay. Great, so Your name is? Good, I thought I heard right But I wasn’t sure Are you By any chance Allergic to latex No? okay If you are, I have other gloves I can use I have quite the collection I am just going to put gloves on Just to be hygenic How are you today? That’s great It happens sometimes I will manage, don’t worry I don’t know about you but I love the sound of gloves There’s a lot of A lot of patients that tell me that It relaxes them a little bit Maybe noises that are a bit crackling like this I don’t know It’s true that it is pleasing What we are going to do is Firstly I am going to listen And see that everything is fine I’ll put this on You’ll simply Breathe when I tell you to Breathing in like this And afterwards breathe out Just like that We’ll do it multiple times, okay? Just to check that everything is fine, okay So I will start at your front A little bit around here And then after I will check Around your back Breathe in And out Here, breathe in And out Breathe in And out A little bit more over here and then onto your back Breathe in And out Now onto your back Just do the exact same thing again Breathe in And out One more time Breathe in And out I’ll check your other side Breathe in And out One last time please Breathe in And out Perfect So For this part, everything is perfect I’ll just note this down Now I will just Touch around your face a little, like this And a little around your throat Like this, just under I’ll put a bit of pressure Just to check that everything is fine, okay It should be fine because you told me That there was nothing wrong I just want to check to make sure, okay So what you will do is just Lift up a little bit Lift your chin up a little bit, like that Great, thanks So I will just Touch a little bit here A little bit around Underneath your jaw here Sorry, I’m putting a little bit of pressure It’s just to get a feel For if there is a bump Or something not normal But There doesn’t seem to be anything I will also touch Around your temple like this a little bit And just a little bit Of pressure Like a little massage And you can just tell me if it hurts Like this I’m just going to do circles, like this Do you often, or even just sometimes Get headaches? Migraines? Okay Well great All seems to be fine Now, I’m sorry, this part may be a bit Uncomfortable, some patients like this Other patients hate it I’m just going to put This sort of pen It’s a light I’m just going to shine it Into your eyes Just to check that everything is fine With your pupils And your vision, okay Sorry, it will be quite bright But I’ll try to go quickly This light like this I’m just going to look quickly, okay Okay You can look at the wall if you want It’ll be easier Okay Okay, I see Was it bad? That’s good then Now we’ll do the other eye, okay Look at the wall It seems to be fine Not too uncomfortable? Yes? It sends me to sleep you see Everyone is different So now We will just do a little test It’s simple Just watch my nose The tip of my nose Nice and easy And I’ll move my fingers On either side And you tell me Which side moves, okay Okay, so look at my nose Very good That was a little trap Now, I want you to Keep watching the tip of my nose I’m just going to do this Just to where you can see Okay Okay, very good One last time So, Unfortunately I’ll just Need to use the light again for a wee bit And you’ll just follow the light With your eyes, okay Don’t lose track of it Don’t look at my nose Just look at the light Okay, follow it Nice and easy Very good Very good We’ll do it again, okay Now in the other direction Very good One last time, okay Perfect No, you are managing very well There are no problems for now So, What we are going to do now is I’m just going to check your Scalp a little bit Okay Just to check that everything is fine That there is no irritation, No specific marks Do you maybe Do you sometimes get itchy? Okay And I’m going to check if If I scratch a bit What happens We’re just going to check that everything is fine Okay Because sometimes the scalp Can tell us a lot about the health of your skin For example After that, if I find something wrong with your skin You can go and see A dermatologist That would help you with Everything to do with your skin Because it often reflects in your scalp If there’s dryness or irritation It’s always good to check this, okay So, It’s simple You’ve got nothing to do I’ll just Take care of this I’ll just touch in between your hair Normally it’s very delicate If I am hurting you just tell me No problem No problem at all A little bit behind your ears I’m checking Okay A little bit towards the back of your neck I’m checking here Is it itchy sometimes? A little bit of Have you sometimes Do you sometimes bleed? Or is it just simply dryness It happens to everyone of course Just depends on the severity A little bit over there Over here And just here Just touch a bit The back of your head To check that there aren’t any Bumps or whatever Everything seems to be fine With your scalp as well I think it’s probably just a bit of dryness A lot of people have it Most people Have got a dry scalp, so it happens It’s not very important So you’ve not really got a big problem It’s just appearance, if you will So only if that’s something really important to you For now, I don’t see the need to Give you anything And it doesn’t seem to be bothering you either So it seems fine Okay Now Now I will simply Check your ears And check this side too That everything is fine That you have no problems To do with your ears Okay, so, Here is my favourite tool I’m sure that you will love it It’s my little I call it my little shark But I think it’s Yes, that’s it I don’t know what to call it in French A *Le Swordfish* (espadon) And its feature is that it Lights up It’s mostly for kids but I know that adults Love this little shark too I always call it “The shark” I’m just going to go with my little fish It’s a very very little fish I’m just going to look Into your ears, okay Do We’ll start with this one Do you Do you think there we will see something Something wrong To do with To do with your ears? Have they been sore before? Tell me anything Okay No, it’s always useful Okay, no problems Just looking at this I think everything is fine here Seems to be fine We will check the other side in a few seconds This side now Everything okay? A yes, okay On this side I see more Yeah some more earwax A bit of excess around here Okay Okay It’s interesting too to see Because it helps me In my analysis On this side here So, It’s not too bad, there’s just A bit of excess earwax In your right ear So what I suggest Is just to go and see a specialist That can clean your ears There are some in this building So if you want an appointment There’s no problem, they are very good here Okay Everything seems fine I didn’t see anything wrong All is well that ends well I hope that you have a nice rest of your day And maybe I will see you soon