Chelsea! Come on wake up. Lets together have a beautiful breakfast. My daughter!.. It is too late, come on wake up!.. Mommy, I’m so sick, I feel so weak. and i’m so cold. Aaaa! What is happen? You have nothing in the evening. I don’t know mommy, i fell so weak. i don’t want to wake up. I wonder what we can do. You said “I’m cold”. Let’s look your fever. Oh, your fever’s too high. let’s take off immediately. You better lie down and rest. I’ll bring a little bit cold cloth, let’s do cold application, then see your fire will fall or not. Ok mom, i rest. Lets check your fever. Oh, it is still too high. we should go to the hospital. No mom, i don’t want to go to hospital, i’m afraid. Don’t afraid my daughter, why are you afraid? They give me a shot, Mommy. Don’t afraid darling. The shot is good for you. Otherwise you can’t heal. Come on, wake up, we are going, i’m calling a taxi. Yes, i’m doctor. Let’s examine Chelsea nicely. Fine, no trouble. Let’s examine her throat. Open your mouth chelsea. Aaaa, aaaa Nothing to be afraid of, get well. Yes, we were examined. What’s the situation, doctor? Nothing to be afraid of Chelsea. We examined her. We looked at the tests. There is no trouble. She just needs to rest, let her rest at home. Let her take vitamin c and drink linden. Check her fever frequently and she should take his meds. Rest well, get well. Thank you very much doctor. See Chelsea, look, there’s nothing to be afraid of. You were afraid to come to the hospital. Yes mommy i were afraid, but there’s nothing to be afraid of. Thank you very much uncle doctor. See you my friends, bye bye!..