Barbie – What Did the Twins Say? I hope Ruby has behaved herself She’s been an angel! The girls have been playing so well together That’s good to hear I was… My back! My back! Ken! What have you done now? I was just getting dressed, and… I mean lifting weights Really, heavy weights And my back just went Right… I can’t stand up Anything I can do No, I’ll be alright I… Boo! Argghhh! (Crack!) He, he, he! My back! It’s gone again! Did you have fun, Ruby? Oh yes! Owww… We lay down on the rug and do some drawing… Sorry, what was that? We lay down on the rug and do some drawing They lay down on the rug and did some drawing Oh! That’s nice! And then Ruby read a little story to us… And then we watch Lee Lee on TikTok Ahhh, what was that? Why she not understand us? Ruby read a little story and then they watched Lee Lee on TikTok Oh, right! Sorry, must be my hearing Time to go, Ruby Ohhh… Thanks again for having Ruby You’re welcome Bye girls See you tomorrow And don’t forget about Lee Lee Huh? You need to go to the bathroom? No, Lee Lee From TikTok Of course Sorry… Why she not understand anything we say? Maybe she just getting old and she not hear us No, I think it’s the way you two are speaking Us? But you understand me and Isabelle I talk to you two everyday, so I’ve learnt to understand you Well then everyone else can learn to understand us Right Daddy? My back! I think you might need some help From? A speech therapist They’ll help you with your speaking No! We not want to What do you think Ken? My back! Ohhh! Listen… If anyone else says anything about your speaking, I’m getting a speech therapist Deal! Hi Barbie! Morning girls! Hi Miss Clarke What we learn today? Yeah! We do the drawing and the reading? Ahhh, Barbie Can I talk to you about the girl’s speech? Oh great! (Doorbell) Hello, you must be the speech therapist Yes, I’m Lucy Barbie, isn’t it? That’s me! Girls! I’ve got someone that wants to meet you… Girls? Meet us? Sure, sure… Don’t worry They never find us here You girls ready or not? No, we not ready… Lucy, this is Annabelle and Isabelle and they need help with their talking Well, we’ll see about that Hi girls! I’m Lucy Robins I might decide they don’t need help at all Really?! Oh thank you Lucy Robins! Oh! Yes… They definitely need help We be right back! Sit down you two Girls, I’ll have you speaking well in no time Well I already think we speak well Well that is not how you say think Think does not have the letter F in it Say think Think Think! Think Think Think! We already saying it right! And there’s another word Right! Does right have the letter W in it? How should I know? We not know how to spell right Right! R-R-R-Right! R-R-R-Right! Right! R-R-R-R-R-R-Right! R-R-R-R-R-R-Right! Oh dear! Hello dear Can we help you? I Tommy and I just watching Can you say right, Tommy? Of course! Right! Oh… I not sure why my sister’s not say it properly Thanks Tommy Let me know if you need more help, lady Now, where were we… Let’s try this How now brown cow How now brown cow How now brown cow No! You need to open your mouth! How now brown cow How now brown cow Ahh-ha, ahh-ha… (1 hour later) Alright, let’s try this… The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain What? The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain The rain… …in Spain… …stays mainly in the plain Girls! Open your mouths! It too hard Yeah! I can’t say… The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain How you do that? I just do what Lucy say You mean, Lucy Oh yes, Lucy How wonderful! Let me try! The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain You did it! How are we going here? I think they’re starting to get it! Well? How did the girls go today Well… It was… different Mother, I cannot believe how badly the other girls talk Yes, it was most distressing for my sister and I Was it now? Oh yes! We think it would be best if Miss Clarke had some help with her speech as well Me? Mother dear, did you know that the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain If you say that one more time, I going to scream! Well it’s not our fault you can’t speak properly, little boy Little boy?! Well I’m glad you’re speaking better girls, but can you not try as hard? Whatsoever do you mean, Mother? Speak like you used to, but sound your words out Like this? No Like this? No! Somewhere in between Well this is the only way we know how to speak Don’t worry… The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain Ahhhhhhhh! Hello Father How was your day? I’ve been in this chair all day I can’t move with my sore back Well that is terrible news, Father Is there anything we can do to help you? You can stop talking like that Whatsoever do you mean? Stop it! I’m so sorry, but this is the way we talk now and… Father, I thought you couldn’t move Well I can’t listen to you two How rude! Oh Tommy, dear Would you like to join us in a game? Stop talking! (Doorbell) Well that is most strange Girls, Lucy is here for your speech therapy Hello Miss Lucy How wonderful to see you Oh, don’t they sound marvellous! Ahhh… Sure I’ll leave you to it Now, what shall we work on today Well Miss Lucy, I was thinking… Bwahh! I can’t do this anymore Yeah, it so exhausting No, no girls! Don’t stop now! You sound amazing Say, think Think Think No! What about… right! Right! Right! Oh dear! The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain… (1 hour later) How’s everything going in here? It terrible! I not understand what happen This morning they speaking right and now they not! Oh no! Arrrgh! (Slam!)