Hi Benny! Are you here to check in for your
checkup? Ashley to
reception for receiving, Ashley to reception for receiving of Benny the Beaver. Hi Benny!
I’m Ashley, I’ll be working with you today. Go ahead and follow me and we’ll get started.
Wow Benny, it looks like you’ve gained some weight since your last visit. What have you
been eating? That’s all right, Dr. Gordon will have some
excellent advice on how you can get back in shape for football season.
Okay Benny, today we’re going to start with a physical exam, I’ll be listening to your
heart and lungs to make sure that you’re all up and ready for football season. That’s strange, it sounds like your heart is the OSU fight song! Let me get Dr. Gordon
so she can take a listen. Well hello Benny, good to see you again. Did
you have some concerns Ashley? Yes, I’d like you to listen to his heart.
Sounds perfect. Great Benny, you sound great. So we’re gonna go ahead and do some lab tests
next, so we’re going to have to draw a little bit of blood. It’s okay, Benny… we do this
all the time. Looks perfect! But we’re going to go ahead and submit it for some lab tests as well. Okay Benny, we’re going to take pictures of
your abdomen now. Hello Benny, I’d like to go over some test
results with you. It looks like you’re in great condition for a beaver of your age,
but I think if you lose a few pounds, you will be prepared for the football season.
I want to go over your CT results with you. It looks like you’ve been eating some foods
that might not necessarily really prepare you for football season, so Ashley and I would
like to make some recommendations for you for the rest of the summer. We think that
your diet should probably consist primarily of leaves, twigs, branches, and logs. And
we think that if you adhere to this diet, then you’ll be in shape for the football season.
All right Benny, thanks for stopping by today, good luck with the rest of the season! Go