Hi, I’m carrie with In Motion O.C. physical therapy in Irvine, California here to talk to you about biceps injuries So the biceps is the muscle is located in the front of your arm, and it goes up to your shoulder So it’s very common to have two different kinds of injuries [one] [is] [a] tendonitis And that’s when it gets inflamed the tendon of the biceps gets inflamed and the other one’s an impingement And that’s when it gets pinched in the shoulder both are caused by overuse so when you bring [your] shoulder up like this repetitively So it’s very common in overhead throwing athletes such [as] baseball also, swimmers and tennis players anything in which you have to bring your shoulder up like this over and over and over again, so some contributing [factors] to this can be decreased range of motion in your shoulder poor posture as well as Decreased scapular stability, so when you’re the muscles in between your Scapula aren’t very strong so they can’t bring your shoulders back like this, so [here] are some exercises to help with this common injury so this exercise called the door stretch So what you want to do is have both hands up against the door stand nice and tall good posture You’re an act like you’re stepping through it Okay, until you feel a stretch you want to feel a stretch crime in your chest up here Because it’s a stretch for this muscle up here. So when you’re holding it hold it for 30 seconds do it twice And that is called the [doors] so this exercise is called the posterior capsule stretch I’m it’s a stretch for your shoulder to stretch the posterior capsule which is [then] the back of the shoulder So what you’re going to do is have your arm. Come across just like this. You should feel a stretch right about here So when we once you feel the stretch hold it for 30 seconds, and then do that twice so once again? This is called the posterior capsule so this exercise called eyes wise and t’s so what you’re going to do is lay down Like if you’re on a bed or something okay, you’re going to have your arms first out in front making eyes So you’re literally [making] an eye with your hands so [what] you’re going to do is come to about shoulder length with your thumbs up And you’re going to do that ten times Okay, then you’re going to make a wise you [literally] make a y with your hands So you’re going to come out to the side just like this? Once you get into that ten times And then you’re going to come down here and make [a] [tea] [with] your hand So it’s like this which is why it’s called eyes wise and [teas] And you’re gonna do that ten times you should feel it more in the back kind of by your scapular region, okay? And then you want to make sure you’re doing this so there’s no pain the whole time and once again These are called eyes wise and teas So this next exercise is called bicep curls, so it’s exactly what it sounds like okay. You’re going to have your arm Just like this going to have your elbow against your side, and you’re just going to bring it up like this And then slowly down you want each curl to be nice and slow so go one two three four Down one two three four okay? You can use a weight like this no more than three pounds you can also just use just your arm to start with You can also use like a can of soup. Whatever you have around the house That’s kind of heavier that you can do without without causing any harm to your biceps okay, so for each one You’re going to do two to three sets of ten And once again these are called the bicep curl [so] for this exercise is called Scap squeezes So what you’re going to do is have your hands just like this with your elbows on [your] side palms up You’re going to go out and in out And in so you should actually feel it for the muscles back [here] in between your Scapula, okay? So each one you do you want to try and feel it there and then come back? You do this two to three times for two to three repetitions for ten times each? Once again these are called the scapular so this exercise is called shoulder flexion So what you’re going to do is you can start without a weight first So you’re going to have your arm just to your side keeping your elbow nice and straight You’re going to lift it all the way up, and then all the way back down Okay if you’re using a weight You can use anything less than three pounds You can also use like a can of soup or something like that if you don’t have weights at home so what you’re going to do keeping the elbow straight is up and then down, so this is working [your] biceps here in the front and We want to do it two to three sets [10] reps each time okay, and this is once again called shoulder flexion So for the exercises we just do just know that’s a generalized program It doesn’t take into consideration your individual differences So if they’re painful [overall] we recommend that you stop what you’re doing and go seek further evaluation but for these Exercises in this injury in general we recommend that you stretch stretch because that’s very important for this one And then once again to stop if it anything becomes painful if you are interested in [getting] physical therapy and it is covered by insurance [ah’s] and we’re more than willing to help you out our website is in motion [oh] see calm, and we’ll see you