So funnily enough it’s gone full circle,
so I remember when I was 13 or 14 I had to do the exact same thing going for
medical exams for a PR so having to do the urine test the examinations it’s
quite daunting and now being on the other end I know it’s not daunting at
all we’re not there to kind of you know scare you and like being able to relate
that to my customers that’s great. So you know as a Panel Physician in Bupa
it’s it’s quite rewarding to know that you know you’re one of the first few
people that they’ve you know these customers have met and you know knowing
that you know they’re feeling at ease you’re welcoming them you know guiding
through they’re like you know one of the biggest life experiences for them and
knowing that you know they can trust you is a great thing. The greatest part about
work/life balance is that you know when you go home you can actually enjoy home
time and personal time you don’t have to think about oh what’s my
patient doing are they okay. I work part time and like you know the days are not
set I can always swap it with someone else so like you know having that
flexibility to adjust work to your life and vice versa is great.
So yeah at Bupa there’s a lot of other benefits too for example there’s free
pilates and free boxing every week which I’m trying to get into and then there’s
discounts for like shoes, health insurances, phones even, so yeah I’m just
trying to kind of focus on the pilates first and move my way through there.