Hi Guys! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about
what to wear under a white coat lately so I thought it might be fun to do a under $200
business casual wardrobe challenge. For this challenge, I set a budget of $200
and bought items that I consider my “essentials” for business casual outfits.I tried to make
any many outfits as I can with the items I bought, adding in some personal touches from
shoes and bags that I already own. I stuck to pretty basic items, nothing too
trendy- so that you can really build on these outfits with coats or jackets, shoes with
prints or details, and other accessories. So let’s get right into my items: #1: cropped black pants $35.45 Pretty much the cornerstone of most of my
business casual outfits is a pair of cropped black pants. Black pants go with everything- you can dress
it up, dress it down, it’s flattering, it’s comfortable. At least 7 out of 10 times, I reach for a
pair for black pants when I get dressed in the morning. So having a comfortable pair of black pants
is a must for me. I got this pair from LOFT. LOFT and Ann Taylor are sister stores and
they have 40% off sales very frequently– and if you get a good sales person in store,
you can even get a student discount on top of that. So these pants were originally $69.50 but
I got it for $35.45 after 40% discount + 15% student discount. #2: sleeveless blue top $24.99
I got this top from H&M- and I like it a lot because it’s actually very versatile. You can wear it buttoned up with a bow or
you can wear it with couple buttons undone and without the bow. You can get two completely different looks
from one top. Plus you can layer it with a cardigan or wear
it under white coat without any bulk because it’s sleeveless #3+#4 Ann Taylor sweater shell + cardigan
I’ve talked about this type of combo before. I’m a huge fan of these sleeveless shells
especially during warmer months bc they’re so easy to layer and you still look pretty
put together. I got a matching cardigan so I can wear it
during cooler months. #5 Pink sweater ($69.60-34.75=$34.75)
I just love the pink shade of this sweater. It’s slightly cropped so you don’t really
have to tuck it into anything. It has cute little button detail on the back. This sweater is from Ann Taylor and it was
also on sale for 50% off. #6 Gray pants ($39.90)
I wanted a pair of business casual pants that weren’t black so it doesn’t look like
I’m wearing the same pants everyday. This pair is from Uniqlo and it’s completely
elastic in the waist- no zippers, no buttons, nothing. This was the most expensive item on the list
at $39.90 and they did not offer any discounts. #7 Black Skirt ($59=>37.61)
Sometimes you just want to wear a skirt- so I got this stretchy black pencil skirt. It’s pretty much the skirt version of the
black skinny pants. It goes with everything. This one is from Ann Taylor, also on sale,
and super comfortable. So in total, I came up with about 10 different
outfits using 7 core items. And admittedly the outfits ARE pretty plain
but you can pair the outfits with some fun shoes or jewelry and really make them your
own– basically I consider these items the foundation of a business casual wardrobe. The total amount for the 7 item came out to
about $220, so a little bit over our budget but I’m really happy with the quality of
items I got. So that concludes this business casual outfit
video– Let me know in the comment section OR if you have a youtube channel, make a video
about YOUR favorite clothing items and your favorite business casual outfits. Thank you guys for watching– please like
and subscribe & I’ll see you in the next video! BYE