Oh. Hi there. Good to see you back You know that unusual things show up here Today is one of those days but I think you might find it interesting I know I did because as soon as I cracked the box I saw some unusual items For example, you know that is the beginning of a fantastic video A hard hat What do you think about that look there Jack? Is that a new look? In Unbox Therapy, uhh, Bob the Builder version Edition If I am remembering correctly, I think the white helmet is the big shots So look at that, I’m running the job site now Alright, here is the note Happy New Year Lewis It is the people at Mobile Fun I thought you would enjoy a smashing start to 2017 The 3-in-1 Executive Emergency Pen & Stylus But it has a third function unlike any other. In the event of an emergency you can use this accessory To break glass, in order to escape a vehicle or building The glass would be shattered Thanks to the conical Tungsten Tip This sounds intense. Thank you people So what, why do we need such a big box then? Well I think these glasses will work. They will probably be good Check me out now How are you going to mess with that? You are thinking right now, why do I need to smash glass with my pen but as they suggested it’s an emergency thing You are trapped in a vehicle and a bridge collapses and you’re sinking How are you going to swim out or, okay that is a little extreme What it is this like Independence Day or something? No Whatever, I don’t know. Some type of emergency Maybe the electric locks are malfunctioning, there is a fire, whatever the situation you need to shatter some glass There is a market for tactical pens that can crack glass This one is spring loaded So we have some glass It’s Spiderman In case of emergency, Spiderman photo that you need to smash There you go Well I appreciate the effort here From the people at Mobile Fun It’s a pen like that. It has actually kind of got a nice weight to it Oh My Goodness What? Ohh. That is the Tungsten tip. Right there I pull back, it goes in and then smash, comes out super sharp too. So it has a little cover on it, so you don’t poke yourself. Kind of like that. And the tip that screws on acts as a stylus, so you can have pen input for your tablet, or your phone, or something When you got the emergency scenario. Boom Bust that out. Bang! Crack some glass Since that is what you are tuning in for, let us give it a test here. Now, the technique would be what? I wonder how self contained this explosion is about to be Are we ready here Jack? Are you ready for this? I am going to put it in the center. Lift up, WHOA! You see that? Is that why its Spiderman? Because it shatters like the web Well, lets do it a couple more Okay. I am getting the hang of it now Apply some pressure There’s something kind of satisfying about that Boom. Okay. Easy now. That works. That works as expected. And the cool thing is you don’t need a lot of power Like if you wanted to smash some glass I don’t know, with the pen tip let’s say. You would be banging at that thing. It would be dangerous Because if you break through, guess what else is going through? Your whole hand. You are bleeding now, plus the thing is on fire, you are drowning or I don’t know what the emergency is That’s not a good look You got the glass breaker on there And in that moment you are a big shot Everyone’s like look at that guy, look at him. Bang Got the tool for the job When you least expect it and then you are ready for business The rest of the time, like that, signing documents, signing cheques I don’t write rhymes, I write cheques P-Diddy Anyway, there you go If you never knew this world existed, this is an example but like I said this is actually a common feature on something called tactical pens A lot of survival type people, military people, law enforcement, are fully aware of these glass breakers I am assuming there is a reason why. There is all kinds of potential for danger Various types of apocalyptic scenarios including the zombies When the zombies get you cornered, and you need to break out of some glass Well guess what, Unbox Therapy has you covered