Dr. Axe: Hey, guys. Dr. Axe here, along with my mom, Winona Axe. Mom, glad you’re here today. So she’s visiting from Florida so I thought
I’d bring her in for our Facebook and YouTube Live with her. We’re going to be talking about cancer remedies. And my mom is a breast cancer survivor. She’s actually beat cancer twice. The first time, she went through the conventional
medical system. And the second time, we followed an all-natural
approach. And you’re doing great now. I know you water-skied a few weeks ago. Rachel sent me pics, my sister. And we’re going to talk about some things
my mom did in order to beat cancer. So she’s going to share with you a little
bit today. I’m going to be as well. But, hey, do us a favor right now. Take a minute, press the Like button, press
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with cancer and they don’t know there are natural ways. And the other thing is there are a lot of
people today who might be developing these issues and they don’t know some of the things
they can be taking for prevention on a daily basis. So take a minute right now. I want to say thanks to everybody who is sharing
this information here right now. We’re going to give some people a shout out. Mom, you can see around the computer. We’re going to have people joining us from
all over the country. You guys want to encourage my mom. My mom doesn’t like being on camera so I kind
of drug her on here with me because she doesn’t necessarily love being on camera. But, Mom, I’m glad you’re here. All right. So we’re seeing . . . hey, let us know the
city you’re from, the state you’re from, the country you’re from. I want to thank Jeanette Arnot for sharing
this. I want to thank Michelle Swanky. I want to thank everybody who’s clicking Share
right now. All right. So we’ve got Lisa Hart watching from California. Hey, Lisa. Thanks for joining us here today. Can you see that far away or do you need your
glasses? You can see it here? Winona: I need my glasses. Dr. Axe: Okay. Well, I’ll say hey to everybody here as well. I want to say hey to Lupe from San Diego,
California. Hey, Lupe. Thanks for joining us here today. I want to thank, say hi to Kiki Lyle from
Miami Beach, Florida. Thanks for joining us, guys. So we’re going to dive right in and talk about
these top natural cancer remedies. So, mom, one of the things you did when you
were diagnosed the second time . . . now, the first time, really not a lot of dietary
changes were made. But the second time, we changed everything. So why don’t you share with everybody what
were some of the things we did? We went into your house . . . Winona: Cleaned up our cupboard. Dr. Axe: Cleaned out your cupboard, got out
a big garbage can. Winona: Right. That’s exactly what we did. And we went to the grocery store. We shopped the perimeter. He took me to the vegetable aisle and the
organic section. And we just started pulling parsley, cilantro,
red peppers, cucumber, celery, carrots . . . Dr. Axe: Some beets. Winona: Beets. Yeah, tons of beets. Dr. Axe: So my mom started juicing several
times a day. If you’ve heard of the Gerson therapy, we
didn’t do a Gerson exactly, but we did a lot of vegetable juicing. And so the vegetable juices, we did a lot
of celery. Celery’s great for fluid exchange and very
alkalizing, as is cucumber. We did a lot of carrots and beets. Carrots are really high in vitamin A, which
is great for supporting the immune system. Beets are high in nitric oxide, which really
helps with circulation. But the biggest things we did in there, we
would put in ginger root, we did a lot of parsley and cilantro as well. A lot of those. Winona: And turmeric, definitely. Dr. Axe: And turmeric. Did turmeric root in there. So she did her vegetable juice every single
day. We would do green veggie juices. So that was a big part of her natural protocol. And then, diet-wise, you would do a little
bit of chicken in broth. I know you did a lot of salads, right? Anything else diet-wise? You did kefir. Winona: Well, tons of kale. I mean, it was like I lived on green things. Dr. Axe: Oh, yeah. Lots of greens. A little bit of broth, but lots of herbs as
well, as a big part of the diet there. So along with the juicing, you did some meat,
but it was a small amount. More like wild salmon, again, some broth,
but tons of vegetables. And berries. You did a few berries, some flax. So that was really her diet she followed on
a daily basis. By the way, thanks, everybody who’s jumping
on and sharing this. We’ve got my mom here. Grew up in Florida, but she lives in Ohio. But she’s in Florida now. She’s up here visiting me in Nashville, Tennessee
and we’re talking about how she beat cancer naturally and all-natural cancer remedies. And thanks to everybody who’s punching that
Share button right now. So okay, we talked about, number one, juicing. Number two here, probiotics. How many or how much probiotics did you take
a day? Winona: Approximately 100 billion a day. Dr. Axe: One hundred billion a day. So that would be the equivalent of . . . if
it’s a higher dose capsule, probably two capsules a day. For some probiotics, that might be as much
as six a day. But she really loaded up on probiotics. And also, one of the things I know you did
was we didn’t do much dairy, but you did a little bit of that goat’s milk kefir. We drove out to an Amish farmer or a farmer’s
market in Ohio, got some kefir. And you noticed that helped with your gut,
right? Winona: Right, definitely. Dr. Axe: So another big thing about probiotics
is probiotics are crucial for nutrient absorption. There are a lot of people here today who are
taking multivitamins and all these different foods, but they’re not absorbing and digesting
their food. So that’s why probiotics are so important
is for that actual absorption and digestion there as well. And, Mom, so we’ve talked about this. I know you were diagnosed with cancer. There were a lot of other issues you had too,
right? What were some of those? Winona: Definitely. Constipation was a major one. But the juicing and the probiotics, I was
just amazed at the energy that it gave me. And also, my digestion system worked perfectly
and it never had. I couldn’t even remember. Dr. Axe: I think you lost a little bit of
weight too. Winona: Yes. That was wonderful. Dr. Axe: Thyroid problems, right? Winona: Yes. I had nodules on my thyroid and all the tests
just kept getting better and better. It took months, though. Because we did have tests and we hadn’t seen
an improvement right away. But then I want to say the four-month mark
is when the CAT scans and the PET scan, everything did show improvement. Dr. Axe: Yeah. And you were so faithful and regimented with
making the changes. That’s one of the things I’d tell people was,
“Hey, if you’re going to try to fight a condition like cancer, you’ve got to go all-out, give
100%.” And that’s what my mom absolutely did. So we’re just touching on remedies now, but
I’m going to run through a few other things she did as well. So, one, you had 11 amalgam fillings, right? Winona: Yes. Dr. Axe: So we went to a mercury-free dentist
who actually went and followed a dams protocol, put a rubber dam in her mouth, had her do
oxygen and removed those silver fillings. And by the way, if you’ve ever had that done
or know the dangers of amalgam fillings, hey, post right now on Facebook Live. We’d love to hear from you. But that’s one of the things we did. I know that you did a lot of Bible verses,
quoting or listening to the affirmation with headphones, right? Winona: Yes. That’s what I fell asleep to every night,
was a cassette with healing scriptures on it. So that’s what I fell asleep to. And during the night, if I’d wake up, if I
had any anxiety at any time, I’d put the healing scriptures on. And they actually just calmed me. So anytime I felt fear gripping me . . . because
you had told me, “Mom, you can’t let fear or anxiety get ahold of you at all.” If I felt it coming on, that’s what I found
calmed me. Dr. Axe: Yeah. Another thing I know you did, you and dad
took vacations. You went boating and you loved horses. And we can tell the story of how you bought
a horse without asking dad, but that’s a whole nother episode. But anyway. So animal therapy, that’s actually something
that was done in the past. So she loved horses and being on the water. She really started scheduling things that
she loved to do. So again, we talked about juicing, we talked
about detoxification, the probiotics. Let’s talk about medicinal mushrooms. What were some of those mushrooms that you
took on a regular basis? Winona: The shitake mushrooms and the reishi
mushrooms. Dr. Axe: Shitake and reishi. And one other I know you were taking too is
cordyceps. So she took a blend that was shitake, reishi
and cordyceps. And reishi is known as the mushroom of immortality
in Chinese medicine. And cordyceps is also known as a really immune-boosting
medicinal mushroom. These are known as adaptogens. We’ve heard of adaptogenic herbs, like ginseng
and ashwagandha and rhodiola. Well, medicinal mushrooms have the same benefits
of lowering cortisol levels. And I’d say, Mom, that was one of the things
you had. I know you taught special ed and a very, very
stressful job. I know cortisol level’s getting up. One of the things you really focused on and
the reason we did mushrooms is trying to bring those cortisol levels down, balancing out
the hormones to fight cancer naturally. So again, medicinal mushrooms were a great
addition there. And then now, let’s talk about essential oils. By the way, if you’re enjoying this live training
with myself and my mom, talking about natural cancer remedies and how my mom beat cancer,
hey, take a minute right now. Help us spread this message. Punch that Share button, click that Love button. You know, there are millions of people today
struggling with cancer. They don’t know there are natural ways. Or there are people that don’t know they need
to be preventing it. One of the things, mom, I know we talked about
after you had cancer and that I started saying to my patients is, “Hey, I eat like I have
cancer every day.” For me, and even today still, you still do
some juicing. You still take probiotics, right? Winona:Yes. Yeah. Dr. Axe:You still use essential oils. Winona:Right. Dr. Axe:You’re still doing this stuff even
though you don’t have that diagnosis. So an important thing to remember as well. All right. Number four. Essential oils. What were a couple of those essential oils
you used on a regular basis? Winona: Frankincense and myrrh. Dr. Axe: Okay. You used frankincense and myrrh. How have you used those? Internally, topically? Did you diffuse them? Winona: Well, I mixed them in with coconut
oil. I tried doing the lotions, but then I tried
to simplify everything. And so I just put it in coconut oil, rubbed
it on the different important areas of the body, like the breast area, the lung area,
the liver area, things like that. Dr. Axe: So one of her remedies with essential
oils is just mixing. Drop frankincense and myrrh, five drops of
each, with about one-fourth a teaspoon of coconut oil and just rubbing that on her body. She’d do that twice a day and that’s how she
used essential oils. And one other oil I know you used was oregano
on your toe, right, because you had a toenail fungus. Do you love it when I talk about your toenail
fungus on live air, right? Winona: That’s right. Dr. Axe: So we used the oregano on your toe. Because after chemotherapy the first time
. . . now we’re talking about how you beat cancer the second time naturally. But the first time, we know that some of those
things affected the immune system. So you had fungal overgrowth on your big toe. We used oregano. How long did it take for that oregano oil
to get rid of the toenail fungus? Winona: It did take awhile, but consistently,
I’d say six weeks to two months, maybe. Dr. Axe: Yeah, but that’s actually pretty
fast. Six weeks to two months of using oregano oil. And oregano is incredible. Carvacrol, it contains that compound. Anti-cancer properties as well. So that’s really powerful. So essential oils were a key part of your
anti-cancer regimen, especially frankincense and myrrh. Those are absolutely two of the best. And you used a bit of lavender too, right,
before you’d go to sleep? Lavender and Roman chamomile oil are great
for relaxing the body, a couple of others you’d use as well. All right. Let’s talk about number five here. Chlorella and spirulina. Now, I remember when I first had you start
taking these. What happened about two weeks after I had
you taking all of this chlorella and spirulina? Winona: I started throwing up. And he was so excited because he said, “Mom,
you’re detoxing.” Because I said, “Please do not send me one
more supplement.” And he kept sending me all of these supplements
in the mail. Dr. Axe: So it was just a one-time. She threw up a little bit of green stuff. But again, everything started functioning. Again, you went from having one bowel movement
a week to one every single day. So you can imagine how toxic your body would
be. So your body started cleansing. That was a great sign there. But chlorella and Spirulina, these are more
nutrient-dense than kale. You ate a lot of kale. We talked about that, a lot of the vegetables
and herbs. But chlorella and spirulina, we know, are
so alkalizing to the body, so detoxifying for heavy metals. So that was another great thing we did too. And I think once you got those amalgams out,
we did a lot of that too. Number six here, milk thistle and turmeric. Now, we knew that we wanted to cleanse your
body. Milk thistle, an incredible herb for doing
that. Turmeric, we started doing those. Turmeric contains curcumin. Milk thistle contains silymarin. And so these herbs together are both great
for liver detoxification. That’s one of the things we always want to
do is really support that liver because you had liver issues too, right? Winona: Well, and they did do an MRI of the
liver and it turned out that I had cysts. Because on the PET scan, they had some concerns. Dr. Axe: So you had issues with . . . you
had tumors on your lungs, nodules on your thyroid, cysts on your liver, I mean, really
a lot of issues there. And then the amazing thing is this program
helped heal your thyroid. It helped heal your lungs. It helped heal your liver, helped you lose
weight, helped with all of those things and your hormones. So these are cancer remedies, but these really
can transform anyone’s life if they start transforming their body and mind by doing
these things. And so we’re going to touch on omegas here
and then I’m going to go over a few other things that we haven’t put on the board yet. So, mom, you also did omega-3s. What did you do for omega? Winona: The cod liver oil. Dr. Axe: She did cod liver oil and she did
wild-caught salmon. So she ate that every single week. So cod liver oil and you did a vitamin D3
supplement on days she didn’t get sunshine. But you got more sunshine. You were definitely outside more. Winona: I was outside because I started walking
daily. Well, it didn’t matter how bad the weather
was. We started walking in the snow. We had a path that we walked on. And then we learned to really appreciate the
winter, that we had never enjoyed the winter. It was always like, “Oh, it’s winter. We’re stuck inside.” Oh, no. I guess we’re not because we had to exercise. Dr. Axe: In Ohio, you can get outside in the
winter and enjoy the snow. Winona: Right. Because I did have a cough so, sometimes,
the deep breathing did irritate it. But you said, “Mom, you’ve got to oxygenate
your system.” So I’d just do that deep breathing, even though
I had that cough for so many months. And all of a sudden, we were enjoying winter
and the beauty of it. Dr. Axe: So a few other things we did here,
and by the way, if you’re joining this live training on how my mom beat cancer naturally,
we’re talking about natural cancer remedies. Hey, take a minute right now. Punch the Share button. Click the Love button if you’re loving this
live training, if you want to see my mom in more videos with me. She might not like that, but I would love
that. So we’re talking about a few other things
too. I’m going to run through this and then we’re
going to go through three additional things that she did. So we talked about juicing vegetables to beat
cancer. So she did between one to three glasses of
vegetable juice a day. That mixture was a lot of celery juice, some
cucumber, some beet and carrot. Lots of cilantro and parsley, some turmeric
and ginger, some lemon. She did that juice. And then kale, adding that to juicing every
day. She also did a lot of big salads with apple
cider vinegar, a little bit of olive oil and did some wild-caught salmon, a little bit
of chicken and chicken broth. But mostly, lots of veggies and herbs and
berries. You did probiotics, 100 billion a day or more. Medicinal mushrooms, shitake, reishi, cordyceps,
essential oils, frankincense, myrrh, maybe a little bit of oregano and lavender. Chlorella and spirulina, milk thistle and
turmeric to detox the liver. And then omega-3s and vitamin D3. And we also talked about you got those amalgam
fillings removed, right? You started riding horses, walking, being
more active. Another thing I remember you did is remember
you got lymphatic massage drainage? And you started jumping on the rebounder,
that mini trampoline. So we really wanted to get that lymph flowing. So that lymphatic massage and mini trampoline
were great. Winona: Right. And I went to the chiropractor three days
a week, Monday, Wednesday Friday. And I got adjustments and massages once a
week. Dr. Axe: Yeah. So massage once a week. Chiropractor, you did a lot of chiropractic. Winona: I definitely did. Dr. Axe: So one of the things that she had
with her posture was she heavily shifted weight forward, something called forward head posture. And that was actually affecting her lungs
and her breathing. So bringing her head back actually was better
able to open up her airways, which was another big thing. You know, when your head is forward, it actually
drains your energy. When you get back, you get those chiropractic
adjustments to open things up, it’s really great there as well. So you followed all these things. We talked about the lymphatic massage, horseback
riding. We watched funny movies every week, right? Just started watching comedies. Winona: Yes, that’s exactly what we did. We just found as many comedies as we could. Went to the video store. And that’s what we would do. Dr. Axe: And, obviously, you were talking
about 12 years ago because, earlier, we were talking about cassette tapes and then running
to the video store, which I guess today you can’t even find a video store. Winona: Actually, the same healing scriptures
are on YouTube because I still listen to healing scriptures. I believe that the word of God is healing
to the body. I went to church and had them pray for healing. I wrote it on a card. July 13th, 2005, I was healed of cancer. I said the doctors believe I have cancer,
but I believe that I am healed. I said that over and over and over. And there are some days that were extremely
stressful. When you get a diagnosis and sometimes it
would be just like, “Help me, God.” And then just get myself calm. Like I said, I used the word of God. I used healing scriptures to calm my body
and it worked. And of course, it was nice to . . . Dr. Axe: Go see the horse. Winona: . . . go to the barn and get the horse
out and ride it. Dr. Axe: Well, as you can see with my mom,
your protocol was really holistic in nature. Number one, you’d wake up in the morning,
get grateful, spend time with God, listen to some praise and worship music and then
you’d do your herbal tea and juicing and probiotics and then see your horse and that type of thing. You were still working part-time so you were
still working during this time too. So you were still working. But really holistic in nature. You worked on your spirit, worked on your
mind, worked on your body and all these things together. I think that’s one of the most important things. I know, Mom, that after we worked together
on this and healing your body, that I used this with a lot of patients, but the big thing
that you see with a lot of people is that they’re kind of like a deer in headlights. When somebody gets a cancer diagnosis, the
biggest word I’ll use there is fear. A lot of people have fear of what’s going
to happen if they don’t follow the doctor’s orders. And the great thing about you is, again, you
combatted fear with scripture. You did all of these things together. And the thing I encourage people with is to
make a plan. First off, don’t stress and worry too much. Just write out what does that perfect day
look like for you. Is that waking up, spending time with God
and then what are the meals you should be eating, what are the supplements? Number one, just figure out the strategy and
plan. And then there’s no thinking. There’s no worrying. It’s like, “Hey, I’ve got to follow the plan. I’ve got to release tension. I’ve got to have fun. I’ve got to just take care of myself.” I want to say thanks to my mom for coming
on here. You’re a warrior. And that’s another thing. I’ve said you were my most compliant patient
when you were going through all of this. Winona: Well, you’ve told what to eat for
breakfast, lunch and supper, snacks. And I was in crisis mode. I woke up with, “This is the day the Lord
has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” And that’s how I started my day because, like
I said, fear was a big part. And you called me every day for months and
months and months. You were my health coach. You told me what to do and I followed it to
a T. I didn’t deviate. And you were learning too. You were learning and then you’d be calling
me. And somebody would say, “Well, why do you
do this? Or why do you eat that? Why do you take this supplement?” And I would say, “I don’t know. Josh told me to.” So then after I retired, I started reading
and researching and reading. Well, number one, the website, draxe.com,
we didn’t have that. You were calling doctors all over. You were learning these things also. And so then you were calling me and telling
me what to do. So God is good. Dr. Axe: Yeah. He is. Awesome. Well, thanks, mom, for coming on. Thanks, everybody, for watching. Thanks for sharing this video. If you know somebody who needs to hear this
information, hey, press Share or send it to somebody who needs to hear this information. We have my mom here, Winona Axe. I want to say thank you for being a guest
today on our Facebook and YouTube Live. Thanks for watching, guys. Hi. Dr. Axe here. I want to say thanks so much for checking
out this YouTube video. And also, don’t forget to subscribe if you
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