For men’s health, one of the main issues
is the prostate. This is an organ that is down by your bladder, and it affects your
sexual function, and it affects your urination,
and it’s not uncommon for people, for men to get prostate cancer, so people worry
about that and a swollen prostate, BPH, swollen prostate, and do they need
medicine for that? Do they have to go to surgery?
Most people don’t. However, it’s a common problem. Middle-aged men should consider
their prostate health. I recommend that they get a test, the blood test, the PSA
test, once a year between ages 50 and 75. They should talk with their doctor about
getting the digital rectal exam at least periodically, and if you have a family
history in your father, brother, uncle, of prostate cancer, that makes it all that
much more important.