Now, this is what you call cute. Four new
cheetahs from South Africa, who are expected to go on display at Pittsburgh Zoo later this
spring, have received medical check-ups. We’ll use the sample to get a DNA blood sample,
and what we’ll use that for is to look at the diversity of these four newly imported
cheetahs compared with other cheetahs. Then we look from everything from their eyes all
the way to the back end. The zoo’s animal care centre health care team
evaluated the animal’s overall health by checking their eyes, feet, heart rate, breathing and
blood pressure. Very large paws. It’s done in house. Our veterinary technicians
are very skilled at testing, then it’s sent to outside laboratories. The two male and two female cheetahs all spend
some time getting used to their new home, and they’ll remain under observation before
their big debut.