– While it is easy to feel
confused or overwhelmed by how best to eat, I contend that it’s actually easy, if we switch our mindset
from wanting to be perfect, to wanting to get better, day to day. And, once you put six weeks to six months of being better, day to day to day, put all that back-to-back, and I guarantee that
you’ll be well on the way to creating habits that you no longer need to think about, it’s just the new way that you eat. That’s what we call diet style. Now, how do you do this? Well, I’m gonna suggest
three different things that you can focus on. The first thing is clear your house of things that you know
aren’t serving you. So, dig into the pantry, dig into the fridge, the freezer, really look at what food is there and then evaluate it with the simple test. Is this gonna make me healthier? Hmm. If the answer is no, pitch it. If the answer is yes, keep it. That’s the simple test, and that’s how it makes it so simple. So, the second thing is, then when you go to restock your food, be at the grocery store with
the simple test in mind. So, you’re selecting foods, or you’re selecting recipes at home that you’re gonna select foods for at the grocery store, and you ask yourself the simple test. Is this gonna make me healthier? Is this gonna make me healthier? If you have any confusions about that, then we go to step three, because I’ve done a workshop that I call “Eat Well” or
“Fuel, How Well People Eat” and that’s on my YouTube channel. So, head to Bright Futures
Chiropractic channel on YouTube and search up “Fuel” or “Eat Well”, either way it should get
you to that workshop, and that’s where I dive into the details of how exactly human
beings are designed to eat, and what ways we can do, what things we can do in our lives, to get the most out of our
diet and our diet style. I’m Dr. Chris Greer, Bright
Futures Chiropractic, if you have any questions,
don’t hesitate to contact me and I certainly look forward
to talking it over with you. Enjoy your day. (bouncy music)