Wow oh look at that stuff yeah hey
thanks for joining us check scared fishes ear yeah if you didn’t see the
first video click on the link to go cex you’ll get caught up to where we are so
we’re going to take a look at both ears today and see what they look like so
this is looking in your right ear on day 2 and we and whether we some want to
look is because we knew that there would be some blood there from from the
curettage yesterday a little bit of wack so we’ll go past that and get into where
we’re really looking and that’s the eardrum what matters is the canal
further in looking down at the eardrum let me get a another view here and the
blood that will come out as the wax normally cleans their drum is totally
clear on this side the bleeding has stopped the scab will heal up did you
use anything in your ears last night to help soften that no I just uh I ensure
she gives a different story oh here we go ok so I am assured that
you did use this last night in your ear yeah that it is idea audiologist choice
earwax removal aid and it’s made out of cover my peroxide which is what all of
the major over-the-counter products are made out of hold that so it doesn’t leak
all over the plate a go and I’ll come in from this side all right so now I’d
probably go up to maybe three yeah okay yeah here we go Wow oh that sucks huh let me stop
because you sound like is that painful huh is it painful not painful okay cuz
we’re getting a lot of stuff out yeah okay oh yeah oh it’s just uh or is it
the water it was bothering you yeah oh just the water okay oh wow oh wow hello this is full of
water okay or it should be that’s a lot of wax in there
did that hurt so it makes it work okay yeah all right we’re going to take a
look in the left ear after one really good flush and find that really moved
them move the stuff fuck plug your nose do what plug your
nose and blow okay okay stop and nothing happened here there’s no nothing to see
here so it’s just a really irritated eardrum
from all that irrigation the wax is finally out yeah
yes that’s what all that was if you want to you can have it I I don’t hear good
reviews on the water they serve here that all Laureus now you can go out in
the hot day and get dried off and how does it feel yeah here here it yeah
it’s better now for ya okay good finally okay okay daddy yeah absolutely
thanks for for being a part of this and thanks for being on the video we’re glad
you got to see this finally get cleared out check was it more of a challenge
than than most but it’s very satisfying and very rewarding to get that together
yeah if you’d like videos like this make sure you’re subscribed and if you want
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like booboo Kitty Lindsay antwine and Petra Rosenberg Petra we’re praying for
you hopefully you get better soon until next
time Chuck dr. mark van telling all of you to stay in good health