Paul you have had some blockage in your
ears for how long and forever I think okay I can’t remember one time the
doctor just pulled out a big a chunk of a lot oh my goodness could even happen
today we’ll see I’ll see does it affect your hearing
probably problem I’m sure I’m crazy yeah this is looking in the left ear and the
left ear we can see through probably through the right here
pretty good see the right here all the way through pens we can see a little bit
of wax but it’s it’s not blocking passage to the ear drill but it’s in the
way and we can just grab that and take it out good Oh am i hurting you you felt
it moving yeah that was actually it can be we’ll just kind of pull there and see
this thing okay you can flex it to get the wax but it makes it very handy so
that’s part of it but that’s not the whole thing
I’m sure being a Jin Jin Jin people’s ears on TV mostly I thought everybody
had a lobe but a lot of people are just the connects to the head it connects to
the head raise one of those things that’s determined by your genes get that
in Psych it’s light from it just so I can see I’m going to put this in again hit record once again on the left ear
after getting a little bit of wax out I find that I get a shot that I love your
ear John looks perfect good and I don’t want to take away the little little
little bit of wax that’s remaining in the canal the reason is because there’s
more risk of injuring your canal okay it’s best to leave it alone when it’s
not causing any problem people watch these videos and they’ll comment say oh
you didn’t finish the job or I can’t stand seeing you leave a
little bit in there it’s not clean well that’s just the way the human body is
we’re not clean which we don’t get cleaned out when we work our best it’s
just that the difference between something man-made and something that
that God made I guess angled it the right way get it past the WAGs try not
to move you may feel something here we got a little bit out there mm-hmm
yeah I’m going to have an air here in this shortly well after after we get
this out yeah did you try any over-the-counter earwax off here before
we’ll come on in that’ll help make this easier and
sometimes you can avoid this just by using an over-the-counter your wax
softener okay like murine or okay I don’t like to put strange stuff in my
body I don’t labia say so oh it’s better than a piece of plastic
I’ll say that okay and then some people will use a bobby pin I prefer not the
bobby pin yeah definitely dangerous or the Kip car keys yeah oh yes you feel
that one yeah now let me take a look are you going to be playing liquid in there
we might in fact that’s what I’m anticipating doing right now it first
we’ll see how it looks and yeah this point the wax is looking like it’s kind
of pushed in a seal abrasion that I made inside the ear canal I don’t want to
make any more of those so this is the point where we’ll go to Washington
irrigation yesterday it is that oh boy it’s it’s coming let go let
go the water I’ll dump it out for you I’ve got it let’s see if it’s going to
come out in one piece yeah there it is Wow that it’s a big
deal um how’s that compared to the previous one the pretty sums longer Oh
even longer than that oh you had a game very very solid I caught it yeah put it
on there Lord all right so it’s time to take a look after one irrigation we got
a big chunk out we’ll see how oh nice look at that
you get in there and we see a perfect shot to your eardrum it’s got a little
bit of coloration on it which could be something on the other side could
possibly be just a tiny tiny tiny coating of wax on this I’ve already got
to leave it alone mm-hmm I should show you I should show
this to you that’s what I should do I should show this to you oh it’s that two
of them were this what we’re looking at we’re going to get it I came here here
Oh just this little will acts on them and those are hairs those are hairs okay
and then that’s your eardrum inside of there well it’s got a little redness to
it where’s a little your tape that’s okay in the little yellow spot yeah do
something on the inside of the ear canal a little bit of mucus or fluid or maybe
just tiny little bit wax on the outside Wow well if you get it on the big screen
to really able to tell but either way we leave it alone we’re done at this point
great that was a successful ear cleaning did you want to take it home no coming
in myself tonight yeah tell feed it to my cat in the
future if you feel like there’s some more building up if you feel pressure or
if it’s affecting your hearing just use an over-the-counter earwax removal kit
if it doesn’t work we can always do this again what about a couch it I prefer
people not used q-tips in the ears it’s hard to really get the wax out without
actually packing in the stuff that’s further in more just because of the size
of the q-tip related to the size of the canal are too close to each other to
really be able to get the middle wax is always going to be pushed in no matter
what part of the okay now you put the the q-tip in
was basically concerned about getting the water out yes dad
the Apple for if the canal is clean and you lean like that the water will drain
out sometimes you have to spend more time like that to give it time to fall
out but as long as there’s no wax you know a little dam built up that blocks
it it’ll come out all right hey thanks for joining us you didn’t appreciate you
doing that thank you Thanks they also to these people out here yes that’s right
boo boo kitty Lindsey Antoine and Pender Rosenberg do it make sure that you
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