Hello and welcome back to the Concept Checkup. The point of Concept Checkup is to dive into
the Warframe forums, look for a community-made Warframe concept, and talk about it. For the purpose of Concept Checkup, I will
use my custom-built evaluating method known as.. ASS. Without further ado, let’s begin the Checkup. For today’s Checkup we have Arbalest, the
Sniper Warframe. Arbalest was created by Rekkou on the Warframe
forums, and is designed to be somewhat like a long-range version of Mesa, albeit with
fairly average stats in place. Arbalest’s passive is Master Marksman. The bonus to headshots is a nice touch, but
the straight projectiles is the bigger piece of the passive. Although a non-arcing bow or kunai doesn’t
sound helpful, given how Arbalest is intended to be played as a long-range Warframe, having
a straight-shooting weapon such as a Daikyu can help in picking off enemies from far away
by not having to adjust for the travel arc. In other words, bows turn into snipers. Arbalest’s first ability is Chain Shot. High Crit chance could be useful with Chain
Shot so long as you make use of the 20% bonus headshot damage. Chain Shot also comes with the Chain Reaction
Augment, which also applies Status procs to every ricochet’d enemy, allowing Status weapons
to be very useful with Arbalest. Arbalest’s second ability is Sky Ward. Sky Ward is useful for creating perches where
there are none, further reinforcing Arbalest’s role as a sniper Warframe. Since Arbalest teleports to the platform upon
using Sky Ward, it can also work as an ‘escape’ ability. Sky Ward has the Sky Fortress Augment, which
grants all players on the platform a flat 60% damage reduction at max rank, but it can
be increased with Power Strength. Sky Fortress is an Augment that I find to
be unfitting for a long range Warframe, as the job of a sniper is shoot from far away
without being shot at. Granted, Arbalest won’t be on big open maps
all the time, but I personally think that this Augment does not fit Arbalest, as he
is not Mesa. Arbalest’s third ability is Assault Shrike. Given by the lack of stats for Assault Shrike,
I assume that the drone cannot be destroyed. Regardless, Assault Shrike could make for
a pretty good support ability if it has some degree of free will, similar to a Kubrow or
Kavat, but being completely indestructible might make it totally overpowered, depending
on the secondary weapon it’s given. Assault Shrike also has the Carrier Shrike
Augment, which grabs up to 4 pickups at a time within 30 meters. However, only health, energy, and ammo can
be picked up by Assault Shrike, and even then, only when you need it. Carrier Shrike is an interesting variant to
the Carrier we all know and use, but honestly I don’t see the point in this Augment when
chances are you already have a Companion that picks up everything for you already. Arbalest’s fourth ability is Light Bringer. Needless to say, I find that to be a cool
idea, as that would make weapons that are constrained to close range very viable in
a buffed, long range form. As great as this sounds, shots are fairly
limited because of the 10 energy cost per shot, and because of Arbalest’s fairly average
stats. Light Bringer comes with the Light Discharge
Augment, which blinds enemies within 12 meters of you for 10 seconds at max rank after firing. Much like Sky Fortress, I really don’t see
much point in this Augment for a LONG RANGE Warframe, unless you plan on being as close
to fights as possible for whatever reason. With all that in mind, here are Arbalest’s
scores. For my personal thoughts, I believe that Arbalest
can become a very good concept if his stats and kit are completely set in stone, namely
the lack of stats to Light Bringer and Assault Shrike. A long range Warframe is something I would
really like to see be added, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be a sniper Warframe. So that’s Arbalest’s Checkup. Tune in next time where I will perform a Concept
Checkup on Volucris. Thank you for watching.