Hello and welcome back to the Concept Checkup. The point of Concept Checkup is to dive into
the Warframe forums or other source, look for a community made Warframe concept, and
talk about it. For the purpose of Concept Checkup, I will
use my custom-built evaluating method known as… ASS. Without further ado, let’s begin the Checkup. For today’s Checkup we have Zauron, the Predator
Warframe. Zauron was created by NecrisC see on the Warframe
forums, and is designed to be a combination of a tank and a bruiser. Just like Equinox, Zauron has two forms; Raptor
and Tyrant. Raptor is Zauron’s default form, and Tyrant
is Zauron’s empowered form. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll start by
going over Raptor form. Raptor form possesses above average Health,
slightly above average shields, average Armor, above average Energy capacity, and above average
sprint speed. Although Zauron’s abilities drain a considerable
amount of Energy, the insanely high Energy capacity is rather questionable. Further more, Raptor form’s sprint speed is
higher than Gauss’s, who’s entire theme is being fast. Lowering the sprint speed to 1.25 would be
reasonable considering the rest of Raptor form’s stats are abnormally high. Raptor form possesses a 4-part passive. Although having a 4 part passive is a bit
too much, I don’t really see anything wrong with the first 3 parts of Zauron’s passive. If anything, I personally think the Energy
passive is interesting. However, a Warframe that can ignore Nullifiers
completely is out of the question. As much as people hate Nullifiers, the point
of them is for enemies to have a counter against the overpowered weapon that is a Warframe;
otherwise players would just be melting everything that moves. Having a Warframe that can outright negate
this means that players would suddenly no longer have to care about Nullifiers; taking
away the biggest counter that enemies have. It doesn’t exactly help that Zauron is a tank
to begin with, meaning that not only can he survive against high level enemies, but he
can also survive against high level enemies with Nullifiers backing them up. Raptor form’s first ability is Skulk. Skulk is decent, other than the invisibility
duration being incredibly long. Loki’s Invisibility doesn’t even last this
long, and he’s the ‘trickster’ Warframe. I would suggest cutting down the invisibility
period to 10 seconds maximum or making it an Energy-drain-over-time, because there’s
no reason for a tanky Warframe to have such a long invisibility duration. Raptor form’s second ability is Pounce. Okay, there’s a lot to cover here. Although I understand that this ability is
intended to be used both for movement and as Zauron’s primary method of gaining Energy,
there’s a lot of parts to it that seem tacked on for no real reason. For one, while it’s fine that Zauron can stun
enemies upon landing after grappling an enemy, forcing enemies to become confused just because
they happen to be nearby your grappled target doesn’t make sense, nor does it really fit. Furthermore, being able to deal 30% maximum
Health damage AND ignore Armor is way too powerful for a second ability, especially
an ability that only costs 25 Energy to cast. It doesn’t matter if it’s a single-target
cast, considering that this ability gives you distance, CC’s enemies at the start and
end of the ability cast, and for whatever reason it’s silent, I absolutely do not agree
with a second ability that’s already overloaded as it is having the ability to deal max health
damage and ignore Armor. One or the other, not both. Lastly, Metabolic Regeneration seems like
a double edged sword, and I really don’t think that’s a good idea for an Augment. While the health regeneration seems alright,
being under the risk of potentially constantly bleeding out Energy just to stay healed seems
to be not worth it, especially considering that Zauron can just heal himself in Tyrant
form. Raptor form’s third ability is Crow. Crow is a pretty self explanatory CC ability. The permanent deafen is rather interesting,
because I think this is the first time I’ve seen a concept ability that can permanently
debuff an enemy. I’m not against it, I just think it’s intriguing
that enemies can become potentially deafened until death if they’re too close when Crow
is cast. Regarding Primal Frenzy, why can’t the attack
speed buff just be part of the ability by default? If anything, Primal Frenzy is just a weaker
version of Valkyr’s Warcry. Considering that Primal Frenzy demands a Mod
slot in exchange for only a 30% attack speed buff, I would say that the 30% attack speed
buff needs to be part of Crow by default, or it should be buffed to where it’s worth
sacrificing a Mod slot. Raptor form’s fourth ability is Tyrant. Again, this is just like Crow. The base ability is fine, but it doesn’t do
much; so why not just make the Augment be part of the base ability by default? Although I understand that Zauron’s fourth
ability is what allows him to transform into his more powerful form, having that ability
only be a transformation power seems rather underwhelming. If Apex Predator were toned down a little
but made part of Tyrant by default, it would pack a lot more “oomph”, if you ask me. Now we can go over Zauron’s secondary form;
Tyrant. While in Tyrant form, Zauron gains a massive
bonus to Health and becomes immune to stuns and knockdowns, at the cost of losing his
ability to jump, the ability to use his weapons and gear, and some of his sprint speed. Zauron can still consume enemies for Energy
while in Tyrant form, but Zauron passively loses 4 Energy per second while in Tyrant
form. Tyrant form also comes with its own melee,
which allows him to restore Energy by consuming enemies. Simply put, Tyrant form is the very slow but
very durable alteration of Zauron; befitting of a real tank. As I said earlier, even though Tyrant form
drains 4 Energy per second, I don’t think that’s an excuse to give Zauron 600 base Energy
capacity, considering that Primed Flow exists, Zauron can ignore Nullifier bubbles, and his
abilities allow him to restore Energy by simply eating enemies. Tyrant form’s first ability is Tyrant Stomp. Under normal circumstances I would call this
ability a little too strong, considering it can be used repeatedly, it has a large range,
and it stuns ALL enemies it affects. However, this is in Tyrant form, meaning Zauron
has to get close to enemies first to even make this useful. Kind of interesting how an ability gets balanced
out by a Warframe’s slow movement. Tyrant form’s second ability is Stampede. Stampede is essentially the continuous version
of Raptor form’s Pounce, except it’s faster and focuses more on crowd control rather than
restoring Energy. Not much to say here. Tyrant form’s third ability is Broadcast. Considering that Broadcast affects all enemies
who hear it, I’m going to assume that it has a range greater than 40 meters. In that case, I would say Broadcast is fine,
even with such a large range, only because it’s balanced out by a 20 second cooldown. However, Broadcast is kind of redundant, because
Raptor form’s third ability permanently deafens all enemies who are close enough to Zauron
when it’s cast, meaning that they become immune to Tyrant form’s third ability. This is the first time I’ve seen a Warframe
ability negate another ability of the same Warframe, and that’s both amusing and ridiculous. Tyrant form’s fourth ability is Raptor. Pretty simple “return to form” power. I don’t really have anything to say here. Regardless, here are Zauron’s scores. For my personal thoughts, while I really do
enjoy the idea of a Warframe with dual forms that is not Equinox, I would say without a
doubt that Zauron is both overpowered and underpowered, which is amusing in my opinion. There’s nothing bad about being a supertank
that can constantly gain Energy, but when you have multiple effects shoved into a single
ability or aspect of a Warframe, that’s where you go from Warframe concept to balancing
nightmare. Seeing a Warframe be unable to pickup Energy
orbs and instead be able to consume enemies for Energy is an odd but good idea, if you
ask me. However, this iteration of that idea needs
to be revised, buffed a bit, and nerfed a lot. The operative word in that sentence is “nerfed.” Thank you for watching.