My name is Kenneth Kok I’m a plastic surgeon I’m based in Birmingham and work both in the NHS and in private sector in
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and also here at The Private Clinic.
Well plastic surgery is a wide field as you know and I love doing plastic
surgery in all parts of the body really some surgeons may focus on a certain
part of the body like the face or the breast but I feel the best plastic
surgery is such a varied specialty that’s what drew me into the specialty in the
first place saying that I do enjoy operating on the face and the breast and
really all sorts all parts of the cosmetic plastic surgery
field. Well I first discovered plastic surgery when I was a junior of plastics
or a junior surgeon really when I was in training and there’s so many
fields in surgery that I could not decide what I wanted to do however in my first
six months as a junior plastic surgeon I knew that that was what I wanted to
do the visual and artistic aspects of plastic surgery is really what drew me into
the field and then as I trained further I realised that actually the field of
plastic surgery is massive we do a lot of different things in plastic surgery
to focus in on The Private Clinic however I do focus on cosmetic surgery be it in
the face and the head and neck or on the breasts or even on the tummy I do feel that the
field of plastic surgery is such a wide range particularly in cosmetic surgery
and it’s important to excel in all aspects of it and so I do enjoy getting
the best results for my patients in any part of the body really. I am a plastic
surgeon but I’m a doctor first and because of that I do feel that all
my patients should feel at ease when they come and see me undertaking plastic
surgery or cosmetic surgery is a huge decision to make and one that should not
be taken lightly I feel that as a doctor I want to give my patients unbiased
information and opinion about the treatment that you can have and also
understand all the recent complications associated with any surgery that they
may be thinking about so that they can make an informed decision if they should
proceed or not I hope that my patients feel comfortable, un-rushed and
they should take their time about deciding if they want to proceed. I also want them to feel that I would be taking good care of them be it
during the perioperative period or even the post-operative period where I would
help them deal with any complications or any situations that they may find. At The
Private Clinic I think you’ll find that we’ve got a very professional process
where patients come in and meet a patient coordinator where you can get a
lot of information already and that can set you on the right step towards
proceeding with plastic surgery or not there is a whole lot of information that
you can receive from the from The Private Clinic we’ve got very professional
staff here right down from the receptionist all the way up to the
nurses who will look after your dressings after the surgery is done and we are
always at the end of a phone call if you require us