So CSUMB’s PA program is really unique because we are the first PA program
within the CSU system. We are creating a really integrated curriculum of which we’re building on foundational and
functional clinical medicine in order to prepare our students for
the best patient care experience when they get on to their second year
into their clinical rotations. We have partnered with the local
hospitals and community clinics in order to get our graduates out in the community
of which we’re going to be serving. The Master of Science Physician Assistant
program at CSUMB offers a 28 month medical education to students that prepares them to address the healthcare needs
and healthcare shortages of the county. We have faculty with experience from
over 10 to 15 years experience in PA education and working clinically with patients; we have a student-centered curriculum
that really is intended to create a family atmosphere
for the students where they can truly learn and
collaborate with each other; and the third thing is that we offer
really high technology in this program; all the students are using iPad technology,
all the textbooks are electronic, and we even have– a lot of our simulation models and anatomy tables are all done
electronically as well. So we feel that we’re offering a
very high quality education. Between the classroom education
and the clinical rotation experience, our students are not only
ready to pass the boards but be competent, compassionate
Physician Assistants. The College of Health Sciences and Human Services
at Cal State Monterey Bay; helping people live longer, happier, and healthier lives.