Half a mile out, the exact coordinates Shelley
gave us are just down there. We come into episode nine and the Doctor
and Graham, Ryan, Yaz; they have to stop the lone Cyberman that they haven’t
quite defeated in episode eight. They have to find it and stop it in it’s tracks.
Otherwise, it will rebuild the Cyber Empire. Any ideas what we’re walking into? This planet. This time period. We’re in the very far future.
Immediate aftermath of the Cyber War. We have arrived at what we predict
is the last remaining human settlement. Who are you?
Where did you come from? Doctor, Graham, Ryan and Yaz. Don’t worry about where we’re from,
concentrate on how we can help. So we discover that their ammunition stores are low. They’re battling a broken escape ship and
they’re as fearful and as aware of the devastation the Cybermen can cause as much as we are. We’re just refugees and we’ve all lost everything. And everyone. All to the Cybermen. We’ve come fully equipped because
we’re kind of aware of what we’re walking into. What is that thing? Particle projector. The Doctor’s customised it to
project particles of gold into the air. Cybermen are allergic to gold, right? I did hear that once. We get our equipment out and we know
what we’re doing so we’ve obviously practiced, she’s obviously taught us. So, you just like yeah
tripod up, this wire goes there and this wire goes there. We’ve got this. We’ve got the Doctor with us.
We’ve now got these refugees that have like, gonna to help us. Cyber Drones. Because no sooner have they arrived,
then an attack starts on the camp. They’re targeting the defences. I said don’t run! Today, has been a really exciting day of Doctor Who. I live to work for days like today so lots of explosions. So a lot of the effects you see in that scene
are in camera. But that takes a huge amount of coordination of
timing from the actors, from the director, from the cameraman. You know, you don’t get too many goes at this stuff. [The Doctor screams] Fam, down! There are lots of close proximity bangs against,
well around all the main cast today. So, working really really closely with them
to block their actions, so that means working with them to
work out their movement and then trying to and make it look
as scary as possible. It’s a pretty cool day today. [screams] Watching Bradley’s face today, he was really excited
and really loved it today. This episode by a country mile
is my favourite. He’s a little kid in a toy shop when there’s stunts and
explosives and watching the stunt performers do their bit, he loves it all. And, then he did his own [laughs] I mean… He’s no Tom Cruise, let’s just say. It was great. It was like making a
real sort of blockbuster movie for me and it was thrilling and
I had the time of my life making it that day. Everyone has a moment where
they wanna do something really action-packed and I think everyone had a tase for it,
everyone had a feel for it so the fact that we all had like
separate bits to do by ourselves and everyone had little stunts to do
and stuff like that. So yeah it was fun,
for me anyway. I did my own stunt and by my own stunt,
I ran and ran and skidded. [laughing] They wanted me to ease myself over.
I said, I’m not doing that. I said, I’m not easing
myself anywhere. I’m going for it. I’m diving on that mat. I’m diving over that thing onto that mat. ‘Are you sure?’ What? I’m 59 not 159,
what’s the matter with ya? Crikey, I can do that. They didn’t want me to do it.
They were like ‘your jeans are going to get dirty’ and I was like look,
if Tosin’s done that roll over that thing and Brad’s fallen backwards,
I have to do something, so we need a new pair of jeans because
I’m about to go down. [laughing] Slate 61, Take 1, A Mark [Yaz screams]