– It is almost one where my mom is and it’s midnight where my dad is. So I didn’t expect them
to pick up the phone. I’ll just call them tomorrow morning. I like being independent. – It felt good to have my family around ’cause obviously I can say bye to someone and someone’s there to
help me out through this ’cause I’m just a kid still obviously and it’s nice to have someone
to help you out still. – I was born in Silver Springs, Maryland, and I moved to Israel for eight years. And now I live in Poland for eight years. After my ninth year I will go
back to Israel for three years to serve, voluntarily serve, in the IDF, Israel Defense Force, as a paramedic. And then I’m planning to come back here to study medicine, hopefully. I feel like from this program
I would get an introduction to what it will be like being
a paramedic back in Israel. I just want to know if medicine’s really what I’m interested in before I go spend eight
years worth of tuition. – In fifth grade I was
playing a sport in gym and my heart beat started
going really high. So they rushed me to the hospital and found out I had this thing called AVT. So my heart beat was beating, it beats faster than the normal kid’s. I came out and I started, after that I started exercising a lot more and running a lot more so
I can increase my stamina back to where it was. And eventually, I pretty much got over it. My heart beat’s normal now. It doesn’t go up too high when
I play sports or anything. I went to see a cardiologist afterwards. And seemed was so intriguing. So I was like, by then I knew
I was going into medicine. But I didn’t know what kind of medicine. And then after seeing
what kind of work he did, it just pulled me toward that field. – It’s just fascinating,
everything how the body works. Every system works on its
own, but also together. – Having like, the title of a doctor, it just evokes some kind of feeling in me. I can’t really express it in words, but it just feels really
good to help others out. And that’s part, the biggest
part of being a doctor. – The ratio of doctors to people, it’s usually like one doctor
for like so many people. We need doctors, and becoming a doctor
could possibly help out the lives of many others.