I’m Dr. Ray Morales, and I’m a designated doctor. After I got started I really enjoyed it, I felt like this is something I could become an expert at. The basic role of the designated doctor in the workers’ comp system is to resolve disputes particularly when it comes to the medical status of the injured employee. Can they go back to return to work? What’s their impairment, if they have any? You are the medical expert so you need to be objective you need to be impartial. Explain this to the injured employee, because you can sometimes see the injured employee kind of visibly relaxing, they understand that this may actually be helpful to them. Now, go ahead and lift that hand up. You come in as a medical evaluator to examine the injured employee…to evaluate the upper extremities, the lower extremities, the spine. You apply the rules, you apply the guidelines from the American Medical Association, and then you make a determination. He’s a 40-year-old EMT, do you think there’s a reason why anticipation of further material recovery given this set of circumstances? If I’m looking at a shoulder, I’m going to look at their cervical spine. If i’m looking at a hip, I’m going to look at their lumbar and vice versa. They’ve got the designated doctor course. They’re telling you the information you need to learn. They go through all the pertinent rules, regulations. I think it’s very rewarding and it gives you an opportunity to be able to use your clinical experience and your clinical expertise to help an area of the system that does need assistance. It doesn’t require a lot of equipment, it just requires your knowledge, once you gain that knowledge they can’t take it from you you just you can apply for years and years to come.