hello everyone I’m dr. Dwayne bond I’m
here with Jim really who has a couple spots on her back that we’re gonna be
working on today and we had a little discussion which will play a little for
you about what we should do with those they look like some dilated pores of
liner which some of you are probably very well aware of and we will evacuate
those yeah let’s just like that we actually have this cool little tool that
we use to put pressure around it I will numb you know first because a lot of
pressure to get it out but we essentially use this tool to get out all
of the contents of those dilated pores and then once they’re all done they just
kind of flatten it going so the first thing I’m going to do is numb you up
with a little lidocaine and you can see we’ve got maybe a little harder to get
out because it’s a little more closed I’m very open 1 there and then there’s a
small one down here and on this one I’m unsure if it’s gonna want to come out what’s right though 3 times all right so the small poke didn’t even
flinch you can see a blanch up as the nephron
goes in and do down here to doing okay alright let’s try this one first let’s
get that one wants to do it okay yeah very nice nice little piece most this one this one I’m not sure if
it’s gonna want to come but do it okay does that hurt
don’t you still I pressure yep yeah you just what I mean yeah so you’ve got 11 blade there and
then let’s see if this one wants to go this one almost looks like it’s yeah there we go
there it comes it’s a new one but it’s coming nicely doing okay sorry I know
that’s a lot of pressure yeah there we go
that one came out nicely so just one of them doesn’t want to come out looks good
excuse me just said this one so let me just open it up just slightly hair it’s been a little more finicky a little out there’s a little
more in that I don’t like to to try to get out my pressure here okay there we go yeah I was grown nicely
there we go perfect I think we may be done yeah not bad huh yeah they all look
great well you I don’t see any more of that
thick keratinized material inside nice and easy and quick it’s a lot easier
than having to make any incisions and open them up thank you for joining us
for this video of Kimberly’s for blind extraction I hope you enjoyed it
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