One Saturday morning the McStuffins family
was busy enjoying their time outdoors. The parents were busy planting a rose garden,
and Doc McStuffins and her little brother Donny, were playing with their Lego Movie
Emmet monster truck. Aahhh! Oh no! Doc McStuffins was controlling the car with
her remote control, but she should really be more careful or else someone’s going to
get seriously hurt. Luckily Donny’s able to get right back up
and he feels fine. Doc McStuffins has lots of fun making Lego
Emmet drive back and forth and back and forth. But she gets a little bored with it after
awhile and tries to get him to do tricks. He drives backwards, and goes in circles,
and even does some wheelies. It was really awesome. She tries to do one more big trick, and oh
no! a big crash. Doc McStuffins quickly runs over to see if
he’s okay. But when she picks him up, his hat comes off. Oh no. How will she fix Lego
Emmet? Donny comes by and he takes a look too. They are both so concerned for Emmet. Doc picks up Emmet and his hat and races to
the clinic. Doc tells Donny to wait outside and not to be worried. She’ll take care of
it. The Doc is in! Doc meets her friends Lambie and Hallie and
puts Emmet on the table. Doc tells Hallie, it looks to me that Emmet
has Lego fally-party-osis. Now that’s something we have to add to our big book of boo boos. Doc knows that Emmet is broken but doesn’t
know quite how to fix him. Luckily Hallie has some instructions. Doc gently places Emmet’s hat back on his
head. And Emmet of course says, “awesome!” But before Emmet can leave the clinic, Lambie
needs to give him a little cuddle. Awww! Meanwhile Donny waits anxiously outside the
clinic. Just when he’s about to knock on the door to see if Emmet’s okay Doc pops out the
door holding a perfectly healthy and happy Emmet. And everything was awesome once again! Click on a picture to watch another fun toy
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