– Hey brother! Oh man, you guys Infinity War! I am still not done thinking about it, specifically Dr. Strange,
he vexes me so much. I feel like he’s the
only person dead today who knows how it’s all going to end and the things specifically hanging me up is the number, It is the number that has
been running through my brain for the last week, it is
covering our whiteboard and my notebooks and my life! I have resorted to trying to
learn complicated math, math! The reason I got into YouTube so I wouldn’t have to do it ever again! But I feel like it’s a worthy cause because understanding the
number 14,000,605 has got to be, it has to be the key to
unlocking what is going to happen in the next infinity war movie. And you know what I think I
might actually have a reason for what this crazy huge
big number really means. (upbeat instrumental music) Hey brother! Hey did you guys know we have a second channel Super Carlin Gaming? Where Ben and I give advice and answer questions you might have about any theory we’ve covered, if you’d like us to answer
any of your questions make sure you check it out, link in the description below. Also quick warning, if you
haven’t seen infinity war, there will be spoilers. Okay so in case you have no
idea why the number 14,000,605 is significant at all,
let’s take a step back and do a quick refresher. Infinity War breaks its massive cast up into several different smaller groups and then much like the Infinity Stones, scatters them across the universe. And throughout the movie
as we visit each group, they are either preparing for Thanos or in the process of losing to Thanos but inevitably when he shows up some character will have
to make a big decision and the decision is
always kind of the same. Either give Thanos the stone or somebody else is going to die and pretty much regardless
of what they choose, Thanos gets the stone. With the Space Stone, Thanos is threatening
to popcorn Thor’s head before Loki says, “no wait,
please spare his life” with the Soul Stone there’s
actually three decisions. Star Lord decides, yes he
is going to kill Gamora to try and protect its location but then fails because bubbles. Then Gamora decides she’s
not gonna tell Thanos where the Soul Stone is anyway but then decides to do because sister. And then Thanos himself must decide whether he wants the stone
or to kill his daughter and well we all know what he picks. For the Mind Stone even though
she super doesn’t want to, Scarlet Witch eventually
decides to kill Vision and successfully does
it until Thanos shows up and like any kid with
a brand new toys like, “look what I can do!” But hands-down, the most
significant one of these decisions that any character makes has
to be regarding the Time Stone, when Doctor Strange decides to give it up in order to save Tony Stark. Which is a weird decision
for a few reasons. First of all because in the
first half of the movie, pretty much every single
thing Dr. Strange says is either one of two things. That he will die or let
you die to keep the stone or even if you kill me,
you can’t get the stone. – Hmm, no can do. It stays with me. I want to protect the stone. Under no circumstances can we bring the Time Stone to Thanos. If comes to saving you or
the kid or the Time Stone, I will not hesitate to
let either of you die. – I feel like he gets a little lost, when you have to keep jumping around all the different storylines, but if you just watch
Doctor Strange like that, it suddenly seems insane
that he ever decides to give him the stone. He repeatedly volunteers
to die to protect the stone or let other people die to protect it and he says he also has spells in place that pretty much prevent anyone
from getting to it anyway, like he has the Time Stone on lock 100%, he can stop Thanos from getting it. And yet he gives it to him, what gives doc? What gives is this, Doctor
Strange goes forward in time to view potential outcomes
of the coming conflict and when he returns from this voyage rather than telling them
specifically what they need to do like this, this, this, this, then we win. He instead gives them a
weirdly specific statistic. – How many did you see? – 14,000,605. – How many we win? – One – 14,000,605? What a randomly specific number! Like so big and yet also so specific. God, when I saw this in
the theater I was like, “oh I see what you’ve done here.” I felt like it was
literally written for us, for us the people of YouTube
to collectively be like, “what does this mean?” Yeah, I see what you’re
doing, I see what you’re doing but guess what, guess what? We totally fell for it, we took the bait hook
line and sinker. (grunts) You might be thinking,
“couldn’t it just be “a randomly chosen arbitrarily big number “to just demonstrate
how small the odds are?” Which in case you’re
wondering are .00000007. To which I say (laughs)
you must be new here and it’s not just us, the Internet has been
examining this number big time. There’s already plenty of theories floating around out there, the biggest one I’ve seen so far, is what I’m calling
“The Log Poster Theory.” The Log Poster Theory
goes something like this; if you look at the main
promotional poster for the movie Avengers infinity War, you can count 24 different heroes on it and if you take the log base
two, stick with me here. Of 14,000,605 it comes out to (gasps) 23.289 irrational numbers. I know! Almost 24, pretty perfect, right? Well, perfect would have been actually 24 but come on guys, it’s pretty close right? And before we continue, I can see that some of you
can have your hands up, I’m assuming you’re asking, “Uh, hey “and not not for me I
remember all my precalc notes “but just asking for a friend, “uh what does log base two mean?” Taking the log base two of
something basically means you’re trying to figure
out how many variables it would take to come out
with that many outcomes. It’s like how an ice
cream shop can advertise that there’s 250,000 different
flavors combinations, when they only have 18 flavors. That’s how many different
ways you could combine them so if we go back to the main poster, we’re looking at every
single combination of do or don’t decision that
these 24 characters make. And given that the movie presents us with so many situations where a
character literally has to say, yes or no in a very binary way. It seems plausible that this
is where the number came from or so I thought, the problem is this theory breaks down really fast, like if this is what they were going for then it’d be easy enough to just use the exact number for 24. Which in case you’re
wondering is actually. Not to mention at least
one of these big decisions was made by a character
who is it on the poster which is Loki. Plus you’re assuming
that the marketing team was taking this formula into account when they were making this poster, which I’m sorry but just no. Plus Dr. Strange is looking
at forward in time not back so all the things that
have already happened are kind of set in
stone and not changeable based on like his new
amount of future outcomes. But so if it’s not the poster
log theory, then what is it? Well let’s go back and consider the source of this information one more time because there’s one word in there that really sticks out to me. – To see all the possible
outcomes of the coming conflict. – The word is all, all possible outcomes
of the coming conflict. As in every single scenario and when you phrase it like that, I mean given how many
characters are in this movie and how many people are
taking different decisions and everything that’s happening. All of a sudden 14,000,605 seems
like a really small number, like yep that’s it, that’s all the possibilities,
are you sure about that? Because it’s called Infinity War, as in infinity, as in more than 14,000,605 and you’re telling me there’s
only one win condition? I mean heck they almost
beat it right here anyway. No, I think there are way more ways in which they actually win but that there is a single constant that remains throughout every win scenario and the single constant is that Tony Stark must survive the battle and must think there’s
only one way to win. We know Dr. Strange wants Thanos to lose and because we know that
he knows how to win, we have to assume that
every action he takes after coming back from the future is in pursuit of ultimate victory and yet this happens. (Yells)
(rumbling) Which brings to light a new question, what does winning mean? Does it mean stopping Thanos from completing the Infinity Gauntlet? Does it means preventing the snap? Does it mean killing Thanos? And honestly I could
probably argue with you about this all day but what we
think isn’t really important. What’s important is what, one: Doctor Strange thinks winning means and two: what Tony Stark
thinks winning means. For Tony it’s easy, when
he asks Doctor Strange how many times did we win? What he means, is how many times do we stop Thanos from
getting all six stones and killing half the universe. For Strange, I think it
means something different but we’ll get to that. For now let’s focus on Tony, we don’t get to see the
conversation they have after he returns with this revelation and wonderful statistic. All we get to see is the plan they apparently come up with
according to Dr. Strange and the single win
condition he claims he saw and yet they lose anyway or so they think. – Did we just lose? – Now you could chalk that
up to a million things or maybe even 14 million things, maybe a single person did
one tiny thing different in the bound that led to the outcome that we the audience see. Maybe Peter hit Thanos in just
the wrong spot with his web or I don’t know maybe they were like one second away from winning and someone flew in out of nowhere and punched Thanos in the face and woke him up and ruined everything! Who knows, who knows
went wrong with the fight and the answer is all of us! We all know what went
wrong with this fight. Star Lord loses control and blows the plan and half of the universe up. Oh like what a frustrating
moment, am i right? Like how many people left
the theater and were like, “Oh my God Star Lord,
this is all your fault!” But you know what? I think we’ve all been
pointing the collective finger at the wrong person because
do you know who saw the future and knew this was going to
happen and let it happen anyway? Doctor Strange! Because as of him returning,
as of Thanos showing up and him sitting there on the
ship and as the battle starts, he already knows they’re gonna lose. Because according to him he has seen all of the possible outcomes and you have to assume he’s
following through on the one that leads to ultimate victory, so why does he let this happen? Why doesn’t he just
throw Star Lord into one of his little ultimate portal loop things? – I have been falling for 30 minutes! – Like I’m sorry but he
uses the little portal magic like no fewer than nine times
in the fight against Thanos, I’m pretty sure it’s the first
bit of magic he ever used, it’s like the simplest spell and kind of his favorite. He uses it all the time and
yet he lets this happen! And don’t tell me he couldn’t do it because he was busy pulling
on those red claw thing. Thanos’s hand is already
incapacitated by Star Lords little electrical storm
device thing right there. No, no. Strange knows this is going
to happen and lets it happen because for him winning doesn’t mean stopping Thanos right there, it means something else. For Strange part of winning involves letting Thanos complete
the Infinity Gauntlet and letting the snap happen. Because it’s not just the Time Stone, it’s also the Mind Stone. After he’s gone into the future, he should know that the
Avengers back on Earth will destroy the Mind Stone and make an impossible for Thanos, unless of course he has the Time Stone. But I think what Doctor
Strange sees is that the only way to truly defeat Thanos, to make sure he’s not a threat ever again is to use the Infinity
Gauntlet against him. Which they can’t do if it’s incomplete. The problem is they also can’t really defeat him with it
only 2/3 complete, like even if they successfully keep
the Time Stone away from him and destroy the Mind Stone. The issue is that he’s still the most powerful
person in the galaxy and his mission remains the same to just kill half of everything and with the four stones he has, he can still pretty much
carry out that mission. Except that it’ll probably
be a little slower and maybe in a less reversible way but he still remains a threat. Strange knows he needs to
let Thanos think he’s won to think the battle is over and in the meantime minimize casualties. Let’s also consider the wording
he uses as an explanation for Tony as to why he
gives him the Time Stone. – We’re in the endgame now. – Endgame is an
interesting choice of words and it’s most commonly
associated with chess. In particular it describes
the part of the game where, wait for it, big pieces
start getting sacrificed so you can checkmate the King. This is exactly what
Doctor Strange is doing. Thanos isn’t killing
off half of everybody, Doctor Strange is sacrificing
half of everybody. Including himself in
order to win the game, the problem is he’s not then
around to finish the game. Which brings us back to Tony, Iron Man the one who started it all will almost definitely be the
one to land at the final blow. The foreshadowing for it comes right here. – All that for a drop of blood? – This is what I think Strange
saw as the victory condition, that Tony must live. Everything he does from here to here, is to make sure that happens, because after he’s seen the future, he realizes that protecting the stones is the wrong strategy. The whole fight on Titan where Doctor Strange pulls
every trick out of his bag is nothing more than a facade, a show to fool Thanos
into saving Tony Stark. Well save seems like the
wrong word, not kill? It’s all a facade to make
sure he does not kill Tony, hmm that’s it. And here’s the real trick though, he’s not just playing Thanos,
he’s also playing Tony. He needs him to be as
motivated as possible so he lies to him, he tells him there’s but
a single win condition and then proceeds to lose! But he leaves him with two big hints, we’re in the endgame now
and it was the only way. When you combine those two quotes with the one in 14,000,605
chances of victory, what you are left with is Doctor
Strange telling Tony this, “I knew this would happen,
I had to let this happen, “you can still win.” He has to make the odds seem so small that Tony will be willing to risk anything but also feel like he set
him down the right path. So are there only 14,000,605 outcomes? I don’t think so. Is there only one way to win? I don’t think so but I do
think that every situation, in which they win involves
Tony being defeated, lost, stranded and as motivated as possible with nothing left to lose. And that is The Strange Lie theory. Ben my question for you
and everyone else is what do you think was Dr.
Strange lying to Tony? Is he playing a masterful
game of chess with Thanos? Let me know your thoughts in
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