Gretchen Alison Carlisle. Do something good and name it after me. I died in fear. I’m sorry? You told me my fear would keep me alive but I died afraid, in pain and alone. You made me trust you, and when it mattered, you let me down. You can’t leave me. You promised. You said I had a chance. You said, I remember, you said you could fix this. I will fix this. We can fix this. Can’t we? Danny Pink… We always fix it. Doctor, is she dead? …is dead. You betrayed my trust. You betrayed our friendship. You betrayed everything… He trusted me. He trusted me to save him. But you let me down! Promise me. Just promise you won’t get me killed. I could not save you. Be a Doctor. I don’t deserve a friend like you. Four and a half billion years. I don’t want this. You save everyone, you always do. That’s what you do. No. Not everything can be avoided. Not always. You made this. I’m trying to help. What’s the point of being a Doctor if I can’t cure you? Then what is the point of you? Goodbye Doctor. Goodbye Doctor. Thank you for trying. Not forever.