With Michelle Gomez announcing that she is
leaving Doctor Who, it comes as no surprise that there has been much discussion about
her possible replacement. Discrete sources have now confirmed that not
only will the Christmas Special include the regeneration of the Doctor, but it will also
include the regeneration of the master with, according to the rumours, a completely unexpected
twist that the writers believe will catch fans completely off guard. This is where it gets interesting. We know a few things about the regeneration
process. We know that Time Lords can control it to
some extent. The Doctor was able to maintain his appearance
through a partial regeneration, the Master was able to halt a regeneration completely. In fact, the Master was able to control the
outcome and maintained the same or very similar appearance across multiple early regenerations,
and the Doctor… well, he was even able to revisit some old faces. So, the whispers from those that I can only
describe as being very closely involved with the production, have been saying that the
Master is going to choose a new face. But… which face? What face could represent the vicious love/hate
relationship that the Master has with the universe, the Timelords, and even the Doctor
that Missy is currently trying to emulate? What face would fit with the Master’s warped
sense of humour and mockery? What face belongs to an actor recently seen
loitering around the Roath Lock studio in Cardiff, just days after finishing their 10
week run on stage at Wyndham’s Theatre in London? Which actor, in fact, tweeted the following,
only for it to be deleted very shortly after? The whispers and rumours have been floating
around for several months now in connected circles, so it’s time to officially call
it in public. The big twist for the Christmas Special is
going to be about more than just introducing the new Doctor. It will be introducing the new Master, with
the face of an old Doctor. The new Master will be played by… David Tennant.