>>Hi, I’m Dr. Dan Valaik. I’m an assistant professor
here at Johns Hopkins Hospital. I really have my clinical
practice, though, in Bethesda, Maryland,
at Suburban Hospital. There, I’m the vice chief
of orthopedic surgery. In terms of specialty, I’m
a hip and knee surgeon. I specialize in taking
care of all conditions of the hip and knee. I do specialize within that field in total joint replacement surgery. My career in orthopedics
has changed over the years. I spent 26 years on
active duty in the Navy. There, I had the privilege
of being the chief of orthopedic surgery at the
National Naval Medical Center in Walter Reed, and I really was proud to take care of our nation’s wounded warriors. I saw some of the toughest injuries ever and yet learned from it
and have applied that now to my practice, where I
really have, in a way, simplified things to hip and knee surgery. My philosophy of patient care
has evolved over the years. I spent six years as a Navy Seal, and there, it’s all about teamwork, one team working together to accomplish a challenging mission. I think that surgery is similar. We have a team of doctors,
anesthesia doctors, medical doctors, surgical
doctors, nurses, therapists, all there to take care of a patient, one patient at a time, in my case, mostly with hip and knee replacement, and we want, I want, every
patient to do very well. In summary, I feel like
it’s a privilege and an honor to be a physician, and I look forward to meeting
any patient in the future. (upbeat music)