I’m Dr. David Gilchrist, a Family
Medicine Physician at Reliant Medical Group. I became a doctor because I want
to help people. One of the great things about being a physician is being able to
care for people in the community, and for me, it was really important to to live
and work in the same community, and so a great aspect of doing that, is I get to
see my patients in the community and to know that I’m making a difference, here
in Worcester. As a Family Medicine Physician, I get to take care of kids and
adults in families, and that’s really the most rewarding aspect about being a
Family Medicine Physician, is taking care of that entire family, and it really is
just so helpful when you take care of the family to know all of those dynamics,
right, because you know, for example, kids that their health is really impacted by
how their parents are doing, and so as a family physician, we’re trained to
really take care of whole families, and so that’s really one of the best aspects
of the job that I get to do. Technology is a really important part of healthcare
nowadays. Our electronic medical record is a way that we can communicate with
our team members, and the specialists that see our patients, and so it provides an
opportunity for us to really provide much more coordinated care than the old
days of paper charts and faxes and things like that.
Here at Neponset Street at Reliant, we really tried to design the technology
to help us take better care of our patients, whether it’s through the way
that our lighting system works, so that we know where patients are and when
they’re ready to the technology of communicating with the rest of the
care team; technology is a really important part of what we do here. In my
practice, I treat a number of different conditions including depression to asthma,
high blood pressure, well visits and preventive care, but I also do offer some
procedures such as joint injections or skin biopsy, as well as women’s health
procedures, such as IUD insertions, endometrial biopsies, so we really get the
opportunity to do a number of different procedures if our patients need them here,
in the primary care setting. In addition to that, I also do provide substance use
care for medication assisted treatment here in the office, so I think
we can provide a really comprehensive option for our patients who need that
care. One of the things that I’m really passionate about as a physician is how
do we take care of our bodies and ourselves, right, and so, as a physician,
it’s really easy for me to prescribe medications, but taking the time for
patients to understand how to take control of their health as much as
possible, through diet and exercise, is really important to me. One of the things
I personally enjoy to do is really to be a triathlete, and so activity is really
important to me, eating healthy is important to me, but I recognize patients
are at all different levels, and so, I want to try to meet patients where they
are and try to help them take those next steps. I think patients who are looking
for really comprehensive care, where they can have really one-stop shopping for
their primary care and specialty care here at Reliant, at Neponset Street, we
can provide that level of care. So, we have on-site labs, radiology, so for
x-rays or MRIs or cat scans, and a basket of services for specialists that we can
provide. In addition to that, the primary care services that we provide here are
really team-based, so the design of the building and the way that we work,
enables us to work together as a team – so it’s not just a physician trying to take
care of a lot of patients – it is a team of nurses and pharmacists, medical
assistants, all trying to provide that patient with really individualized care,
the best care that we can provide. I’m welcoming new patients here at Reliant
and I would love to care for you and your family.