– Hi, I’m Dr. Jacob Wisbeck, orthopedic surgeon specializing
in foot and ankle surgery. (upbeat music) My philosophy of care
is to treat my patients like I would expect any
one of my family members to be treated. Individual attention,
listening to the patient, and really thinking about
what they are needing in their lives to try and get better. When people come to a physician, particularly an orthopedic surgeon, they’re thinking that
they’re going to get surgery. And that’s rarely the case. Most people are treated with
non-operative management and do quite well. When they fail that
non-operative management, then surgery becomes an
option and that’s the time we go ahead with a surgical intervention. I chose to do orthopedics
to keep people as happy and as healthy as possible. As a former athlete I know
what it means to be injured and have to get back to the level that you wanted to be at beforehand, and I like to do that with my patients as much as I possibly can. Some of the more common things I see are bunions and hammertoes. They can be treated non-operatively and sometimes they do require
surgical intervention. If they do require surgery, we oftentimes tailor the
surgery to meet the needs of the patient to get them as active and as pain-free as possible. Having a strong research
program really helps the patient in that the physicians
are on the cutting edge of new developments in
the field of orthopedics and foot and ankle surgery. If I could give advice to my patients, it would be to stay as active as possible. Flexibility is the key to healthy living and to prevent some of
the overuse injuries that we see out there. I think people choose MedStar because it’s the premier orthopedic group in the Baltimore area with
world-class foot and ankle care.