>>My name is “Beamer” Carr and
I’m an orthopedic surgeon at HSS. I see patients who are athletes of all ages
from pediatric patients to adolescents, high school athletes, college
athletes, weekend warriors and even lead and professional athletes. So these patients have a variety of ailments
from shoulder, elbow and knee injuries. Some are overuse injuries and some
are acute traumatic injuries as well. So when patients come see me in the
office they can expect personalized care. I really try to get to know my patients
and try to understand what their goals are. And I try to tailor my care to those
goals and to their expectations for what they would like to achieve. Patient education is very important for
patients to help maximize their outcome. I think when a patient understands how they
got injured and why they have the injury that they have, they can then understand
the treatment better for how we’re going to treat their injury and get them
back to doing what they want to do and get them back on the playing field. So HSS Florida is a great opportunity
where we have a single institution that offers patients everything they need to receive the best and top
quality orthopedic care. They can get their imaging done here, physical
therapy, clinical offices to visit with doctors, as well as a surgical suite
with our outpatient center. So it’s a great place for patients
to come and get top of the line care. I love my job because I get to see
patients improve and heal and get better. And I love taking a patient from maybe a very
low moment after they get hurt and then walking with them through the process of being healed
and being able to return to their sport and their activities and to
their normal life functions. And then to celebrate that with
them at the end is a great feeling.