My name is Lance Martin, I am a Family Medicine doctor in Seminole, Texas. Well, I wanted to come back to a small town, I’m from a small town I’m from Sudan, Texas which is about 90 miles north of here. I grew up on a farm there So, I wanted to return to a small town and be a doctor. The biggest need is for Primary Care and so I wanted to be just a regular small town doctor. And that’s the way to do it, Family Practice with OB I had a doctor when I was a kid that was a small town guy and he seemed to know everything about everybody and I wanted to be that guy that and that’s what I did The real reason I became a doctor is to help people and to make a difference in people’s lives and hopefully we help some people i went to Texas Tech for under grad, I went to Texas Tech for medical school and I stayed there for residency, so I was there at Tech for 11 years I lived in Lubbock most of the time, I lived in Amarillo for a year You know if anything can be cured with diet and exercise, we try to cure it with diet and exercise And if we need to go on pills we go on them, but we try a natural, almost homeopathic approach first. then if we need to move onto something else then we do it We have a girl over to the side that checks you in, does all the paperwork, does the prescriptions And I just come in and sit across from my patient and talk to them because I don’t want to be distracted I want to be in the moment with the patient talking not typing. I don’t want to be sitting down writing or typing I want to be talking to the patient and fully engaged I think that’s the way it should be for everyone. It depends, we have a wide range. We are open Monday through Friday. We usually go 8-5, sometimes we shut down a little early on Fridays if we finish early But we stay all the time until all the patients are seen. So the key thing is you can get in anytime into our clinic And there’s no restrictions on numbers, so sometimes we see 50 sometimes we see 10. But we are going to stay until everyone is seen and taken care of . The one thing that will make my clinic, and sets us apart from other places,from going to the other towns is If you come into our clinic and that we get to know you, we take good care of you if your kids are sick on the weekend or on holidays you can call us and we will get you taken care of. it’s more like a family atmosphere. All the girls who work there will know who you are, who your kids are You won’t just be another file or another face. The main thing is that. My wife works there, it’s a family atmosphere where we want people to be taken care of.