My name’s Matthew Hutchinson and I’m an Adult and Paediatric Lower Limb Specialist at SPORTSMED SA. It’s hard to know exactly what drew me towards a career in orthopaedics, but really in simple terms I enjoy the fact that we can really help people function and often quite quickly. Other areas of medicine you target chronic disease and there are slow results, but really with orthopaedic surgery it’s really satisfying when people come in injured or with decreased function and you can take them back to a higher level of function and get them back enjoying their life, and I find that really satisfying. I was really fortunate to do my medical school and my orthopaedic surgery training in Adelaide, which was fantastic, and in the last two years I’ve been living in North America in Canada and the United States doing a lot of sub-specialist training. I’m really excited about bringing that knowledge and skill back to South Australian patients. I was really honoured and privileged in 2004 and 2005 to receive the Young Australian of the Year Award for South Australia. Even though it was just an award, the most positive thing for me is that it helped me pursue those causes that I was working in which was mainly aid work locally and internationally. I got involved in aid work in Papua New Guinea and also India, and also some work in indigenous communities in South Australia. For me it was a really important part of my life and training and gave me an insight into how people in situations less fortunate than mine have to live their life, so it was a pretty positive experience being involved with that as a young lad. In terms of hobbies, most of mine are related to sports and exercise. Most recently I’ve been involved in endurance sports and last week I actually completed my first Ironman in Busselton, Western Australia. That was a 3.8km swim and then a 180km bike ride, and a little marathon to finish it all off. That was a pretty amazing experience, something I really enjoy. But really my biggest, I suppose hobby, in my life is my wife and children. Especially since becoming a father it really puts things in perspective and you know no matter how bad day you’re having or hard things are you come home, your little kid throws his arms around you and gives you a kiss and that’s a pretty nice part of life.