Now we’re beginning to see some ambitions
developing in the nasal direction of the Doctor. This is a Time Lord who is very interested
in noses and who I think would like a big one. To mark the release of The Complete Series
9, we asked Peter Capaldi to draw his Doctor Who life but like all good artists he chose
to interpret the brief. To be honest, I think he just waned to draw some old Doctors! Alright, I’m going to have a go at drawing
the first Doctor here. Not Doctor here, Doctor Who! Doctor here is another show. I’m working on that. He was my first Doctor.
I was 5 when the show started so I could barely draw then so I don’t think I drew him very
much but there used to be a comic called TV Comic in which there would be a Doctor Who
comic strip which featured William Hartnell and I used to love the little drawings in
that. He had very thin lips which would suddenly go into this little curious smile which you’d
always be delighted to see. He didn’t smile very much but when he did it was most welcome.
Way back in the mists of time, I can’t really remember what I was watching when I was 5.
Somehow I have the feeling that I saw the first episode because I have a very vivid
sort of memory of Totter’s Lane and the junkyard there and all that. But what I definitely
remember without a doubt was the Dalek emerging out of the water in The Dalek Invasion of
Earth. So that was very distinctive. That was amazing because we all loved the Daleks. So
to have them back was a real treat and to have them on Earth was amazing. And his of
course characteristic iconic pose was holding the lapels of his jacket which you’d see lots
of children at school walking around like this. Oh, this ring. He always wore a ring.
I met his granddaughter once when we were filming. They were filming An Adventure In Space and Time
which Mark Gatiss wrote which was about the making of Doctor Who and Mark invited me to
the set and it was on the same day as William Hartnell’s granddaughter who brought
with her a box which had this ring in it. And also he had a little hat that he would
wear from time to time. So she let me touch that. Of course I didn’t know at that point that
I was later that year going to be offered the part of Doctor Who otherwise I would have
said can I borrow that ring? He was actually younger than I am when he
started but I think in those days if you were in your 50s I think you looked a little bit
older because you had been through the war and all that. This is William Hartnell, he was strange and
nippy and sometimes tetchy and when I was a child I absolutely loved him. He was and is Doctor Who. And so is the next
actor I’m going to have a go at. In October 1966 a very strange thing happened.
William Hartnell didn’t look very well. He fell on the floor and up got this other
fellow and gone were the sharp eyes to be replace by these dark and rather mirthful eyes with a
kind of look of surprise about them and thick black eyebrow and the nose – William had
quite a sharp little nose and now we’re beginning to se some ambition developing in the nasal
direction of the Doctor. This is a Time Lord who I think is very interested in noses and
I think would like a big one. It was amazing and strange because it wasn’t
even called a regeneration, we didn’t know what it was. Something just very wonderful
and bizarre had happened. There was a new Doctor Who. And that was the
first time that phrase had ever been used and we didn’t know what that meant. And this wonderful mirthful face appeared
with this dark almost swarthy complexion. This impish man with what appeared to be an
out of control Beatles haircut which was already 3 years out of date but then that was very
typical of Doctor Who at the time. And his first story was Power of the Daleks
which I remember seeing and of course not a lot of people left alive have seen it because
it’s lost now I believe and in face I remember saying, I was at dinner with Mark Gatiss and
I said Power of the Daleks was great and he said I haven’t seen it. I said you haven’t
seen it? He said no, he said I was born 3 weeks after
it was shown. I thought thanks very much for that. He looked like he was still wearing William
Hartnell’s costume to some degree. Except the collar had suddenly got gigantic and was
all untidy and he wore his little funny bow tie under here like this and he still wore the
black outfit which somebody is going to be colouring in in a minute. And of course he had the fantastic chequered
trousers. High waisters. Patrick Troughton was impish and strange.
He could be quite gruff to but he was loveable and warm and kind. He was Doctor Who and I
loved him too. Then he got into trouble with the Time Lords.
They caught him. We didn’t know what Time Lords were but suddenly there they were. They
had long garments on. They looked quite scary and he was one of them somehow. They
caught him and they said we don’t like what you’ve been doing which was a shame because
he had been entertaining us for years. And they said we’re going to send you to Earth.
We’re going to take your TARDIS away from you so you can’t travel and we’re going
to change your face. And they changed his face to this face. This face is one of the most distinctive
faces that you could ever have. And I think this is the face of Jon Pertwee who was actually
a very well known comedy actor. He played the role straight which meant he didn’t you
know, take every opportunity to do a gag or a joke, male something funny. We can see he’s
got quite a generous nose here which is one of his most distinctive features. And one which the
Doctor has been heading towards since William Hartnell’s little sharp thing through Patrick
Troughton’s expanding nose. Now we get to this noble roman thing that’s on
Jon’s face. Again, he could be quite gruff. He could get you into trouble about things
and sort you out. And you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of him either. He wasn’t an easy
going, lovable soul but he was somehow quite compelling. He was somehow… you felt utterly
safe with him. No matter what monster or anything appeared, you knew that Jon Pertwee
would sort you out, would sort it out and you’d be quite safe. And he also did a bit
of the old Venusian Aikido. HAIK! He also recorded the great hit Who Is The Doctor which I don’t
know if anyone can sing along to? Across the void, beyond the mind, the empty space that
circles time. I see where others stumble blind. To seek a truth they never find, eternal wisdom
is my guide. I am the Doctor. But with music. It never reached anywhere in the charts. But this is Jon anyway. He had a big cloak
thing going on there. And I think he was the man who introduced the – He could do anything.
You know, the thing about Jon Pertwee is he brought such gravity to the role and most
of the Doctor’s moral positions are articulated in Jon Pertwee’s time. Gigantic hair of
course which got bigger and bigger the older he got. Which is really where we want it to go Christel. Well your hair got bigger between Series 8
and 9, will we see it grow in Series 10? I don’t know, I’m struggling with that
right now. What do you think? What about the beard? I think you should have the beard A beard! The Doctor doesn’t have a beard. Yes, I don’t think Time Lords can grow beards.
Well, Matt had a stuck on beard on. I don’t think I’m giving anything away by saying
it was stuck on. It’s going to make cosplay really difficult
for me if you do. I’ll just have to stick one on. Well, I think I won’t go for a beard. No.
I think a beard is to er… no I think…. I don’t know. Long hair is so difficult
to control isn’t it? So there’s Jon. Amazing, wonderful Jon Pertwee.
Don’t forget the Green Cross Code. Worzel Gummidge and all those goodies. Then I can do Tom really quickly, he takes
seconds. I’m going to fly without a net here, I’m
not doing pencil. This is the man who most people would recognise as Doctor Who which
was extraordinary because he came to the show, I don’t know, 12 years after it started running?
And everybody thought the Doctor was about Daleks and a man in a velvet jacket and what
not and suddenly there emerged onto the screen this sort of incredible Harpo Marx
chaotic kind of Harpo Marx character with just these enormous eyes and this delight
about the world and the universe and everything that surrounded him. He was crazy, he was scary,
you never knew what he was going to do. He had a smile that could melt the Ice Warriors
palace. He had these great teeth in the days before American teeth so I don’t know where
he got these. Maybe where he came from, Liverpool originally. He had the most extraordinary
voice which I think came from drama school. He had this fabulous hair which can
only be described as Bohemian. This great mop of curly hair. He had a great actors hat.
He actually looked very much like an actor. A scary which became the absolutely iconic symbol
of Doctor Who. I often wonder when they were filming in July if he thought I really wish
I hadn’t picked a scarf. But there it is. And there’s wonderful Tom. So those are the Doctors I
grew up with and about halfway through Tom’s tenure I discovered punk rock and stuff like
that. Thank you.